Tori Spelling Falls On Grill At Benihana

Yeesh, Donna Martin sure has had a rough go of it lately. According to Entertainment Tonight, actress Tori Spelling stumbled and landed on a hibachi grill while dining at the Encino Benihana with her family on Easter Sunday. She sustained a burn on the back of her right arm. A source told the The Daily Mail that the True Tori star, underestimating the severity of the wound, opted to not go to the hospital after the meal. However, she was reportedly in so much pain the next day that she decided to visit her doctor after all. Due to the severity of the injury, her doctor sent her to the Grossman Burn Center in West Hills, Calif. According to ET, Spelling is now in the process of undergoing skin grafts.

(Not to be "that guy," but between the grills, the open flames, the knife acrobatics, and the sizzling food flying in the air, I'm surprised more accidents don't happen at hibachi and teppanyaki restaurants. What do those restaurants' insurance policies look like?)

Spelling wasn't about to let the injury put a damper on her holiday, however. "Perfect #Easter Sunday!" she wrote on Instagram. "Aside from the Benihana Burn!" True Tori? More like Trooper Tori, amirite?