'Dancing With The Stars' Did A 'Frozen' Number & It Brought Out Nastia Liukin's Fun Side


It's not Disney Week without Frozen, so Nastia Liukin and Derek Hough tackled "Love is an Open Door" on Monday's Dancing With the Stars. It was both a flawless and fun performance, and it landed them second on the score chart. Rather than tackle the classic "Let it Go," Hough and Liukin went another way and channeled their inner Hans and Anna for a fun, magical performance.

Although it wasn't the highest scoring number of the night, it did earn an impressive 38 out of 40. Julianne Hough praised the dance, telling the couple they could go to Broadway to perform it right now. So I'm petitioning for Liukin to play Anna if Frozen ever takes the stage. And as much as I love Derek Hough, I didn't mind seeing him play a bad guy for once. His Hans was spot on, sideburns and all. "That was a Disney dream come true," Carrie Ann Inaba said when the duo finished.

But more than just a flawless routine, it was just a fun dance. The pair lip-synched along to the song with huge grins on their faces and you could finally see that Liukin was having fun. On Monday, she pointed out that her childhood was a lot different than most — she was spending hers in the gym while others were probably watching these iconic Disney films. So for her, this week was a chance to embrace that childlike part of herself. "This whole entire week is we've just been laughing in practice," she said.

It was great that Frozen could bring out the fun side of Hough and Liukin, while also keeping them at the front of the competition. Like Len Goodman said, their performance was like a "warm hug on a cold day." Olaf would approve.

Images: ABC screengrab; optomisticpugs/Blogspot