Natural Homemade Scrubs To Get You Sandal-Ready

Winter jackets, scarves, and winter hats are being stuffed into trunks at rapid speed and those snow boots are quickly being replaced with sexy, breathable sandals — so this is the perfect time for us to all look down and take a hard look at our feet. Could you use a homemade foot scrub recipe or three? I bet you could. We've made it through the winter — or as I like to call it, a cold hell — and spring has finally sprung. Let's face it, that hot pink toenail polish is not going to be worth it if your feet look jacked up. Please, with the sandals I've been seeing this season? Those feet better be on fleek.

Admittedly, there have been times in my life where it seemed like I didn't see my feet all winter. Of course, when that first day of warm weather would roll around all I wanted to do is put on a pair of open toed shoes and dance my way through the city. This fantasy is predictably ruined when I would notice my toe nails were rockin' some sweet chipped nail polish and my heels desperately needed to be exfoliated. "OK, I'll just wear sneakers today and deal with my feet tonight," I naively tell myself. "Look out for my beautiful feet tomorrow, world!" Then it rains for 2 weeks straight. Cool.

Having been through that scenario TOO MANY TIMES to not spiral into a first-world "Why me?" rant, I was careful to make sure this wasn't another year where I ignore my feet for five months. I don't want to brag, but while everyone was partying on Friday nights, I was secretly becoming a foot scrub connoisseur, waiting for the right moment to debut some serious scrubs that can help calluses and dry, cracked feet. Don't worry, I've already started the paperwork for my sainthood.

I think we all know why pretty feet are important, but let's run through the main reasons: Extremely dry skin can crack and lead to irritation. You don't want your cracked feet chaffing you while you sleep, open-toed shoes look way better, and, hey, you never know when you'll meet someone with a foot fetish! Fortunately, these foot scrubs are incredibly easy to perform in the relaxing comfort of your home. I recommend a wine spritzer and a good book to follow each scrub.

Now let's get to scrubbin'!

1. Relaxing Tea Foot Scrub

Here's a scrub that will have your toes wiggling carefree this summer with its soothing, exfoliating nature. Just brew one cup of chamomile tea (but use two tea bags!), add half a cup of dead sea salt and one tablespoon of manuka honey. Mix your scrub vigorously, then add 10 drops of cedarwood essential oil. Gently scrub your feet and soak in hot, but not boiling hot, water for 20 minutes. Follow with a moisturizer.

2. A Berry Moisturizing Scrub

This is a great scrub for anyone that has calluses or cracked feet; it will restore moisture in no time. Use one third of a cup of raw sugar, one tablespoon of castor oil, and a handful of fresh, organic strawberries. First, muddle your strawberries with the castor oil and mix into the raw sugar. Then, add a few drops of lavender essential oil. Gently scrub your feet and soak in hot, but not boiling hot, water for 20 minutes. Follow with a moisturizer.

3. A Nutty Brightening Scrub

If you've been squeezing into winter boots with several layers of socks, then chances are you may have gotten some blisters along the way causing red or dark spots on your feet. This scrub is exfoliating, brightening, and smells amazing. Use half a cup of arrowroot powder, a quarter of a cup of macadamia nut oil, and a handful of fresh mint. Muddle your mint into the macademia nut oil and then mix in the arrowroot powder to form a nice paste. Then add a eight drops of lemongrass essential oil. Gently scrub your feet and soak in hot, but not boiling hot, water for 20 minutes and follow with a moisturizer.

This is a great recipe for anyone finding themselves with chronic foot odor because arrowroot and lemongrass are great for controlling that funk.

Caution: These scrubs are not for open wounds on your feet. Popped blisters and bleeding heels will become irritated, so wait till they calm down before you give any of these recipes a try.

Image: Khánh Hmoong, Laura Holder , MTSOFAN/Flickr; Kristin Collins Jackson; Giphy