13 Best Celebrity Twitter Bios From Louis CK, Miley Cyrus, and More

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The ability to tweet successfully is harder than many of us might have previously imagined in the dark ages before Twitter was born. Being hilarious or relatable in 140 characters or less is mentally taxing, and it is the rare celebrity who succeeds. There are shining examples, like Chrissy Teigen or Jenny Mollen, but then there are the Liam Hemsworths of the world, those who create Twitter accounts with empty bios, followed by emptier tweets. The point is that before there are great tweets, before there is a following, there must be a Twitter bio. And it must be great.

Twitter bios tell us an extremely abridged life story. Who are these celebrities? What are their views? What do we essentially need to know to "understand" their Twitter? Why are they who they are? How on earth can describing yourself really vaguely be funny? A Twitter bio is like a permanent version of that moment when playing a name game in a class or new environment where, when asked to share your name and an interesting fact about yourself, you somehow lose all genuinely interesting facts in favor of talking about your childhood pet Fluffy. So, for inspiration, check out these celebrity bios, which show us it's ok to different.

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