Emma Stone, and 4 Other Celebrities the Media Ignores

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Celebrities that never make appearances are a paradox to us. Why choose to make movies and have your face recognized internationally if you didn’t implicitly agree to being followed and photographed at every possible turn? What, that isn’t what being an actor is about? Psh. Amateurs. But, actually, some of our favorite stars and starlets really only come out of their hidey-holes when it's time for a movie premiere, or an interview. These are the anti-Kim-Kardashians, the celebrity opposite to whatever Miley Cyrus is.

We never hear about them, so this slideshow is the equivalent of pouring one out for our celebrity homies. We get it, they need their own life, which I guess is fair, but we totally miss them and we wish they'd hang out in front of cameras more. (But not in a weird way.) These are people so private, we're forced to reckon with five billion stories about Miley Cyrus every day, since they don't give media an option to follow them with flashing bulbs. (Just imagine, a world in which all celebrities were covered equally!) Cheers to the celebrity hermits, those award-winning private people. You make our lives better every day.

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