'Magic Mike' Is Still Getting That Musical

by Keertana Sastry

The return of Magic Mike is imminent, with Magic Mike XXL hitting theaters on July 1st. But that's not all. Back in January, Channing Tatum, the original Magic Mike director Steven Soderbergh and writer Reid Carolin all revealed to Entertainment Weekly their plans for a Magic Mike musical. However, after an in-depth interview about the idea, there was radio silence... until now. During their summer movie preview, EW revisited the proposal and Tatum revealed the Magic Mike musical is "still in the works." Hallelujah! If this project does actually happen, what can we expect from the music for the show?

While speaking about the original idea for the show, Tatum, Soderbergh and Carolin talked about how they weren't totally sure if there would be singing, but they knew they wanted the musical to have an "interactive" feel. Tatum then joked that, if the proposed show did become a traditional musical, then he would need "a lot of singing classes." I'm not too sure I'm on board with a no-singing "interactive project," because who wouldn't want to see Matt Bomer and Tatum singing and dancing their little hearts out?

But, if we are getting a more traditional approach to the show, I have just a few ideas for where songs should fall in the score — especially if the plot for the musical is still based on a prequel for the films as Tatum says they originally discussed.

1. We Meet A Young, Innocent Mike

This needs to be Mike at his most vulnerable. He's still new, fresh-faced and open to so many possibilities. He hasn't been rejected from his dreams yet, and he's hopeful. This is big opening ballad. Tatum, get those singing classes reserved now!

2. Mike Sees The Boys At Xquisite Perform & Meets Dallas

This is the standard Xquisite Strip Club group performance, so obviously this has to be the routine that Mike watches the other boys do. Maybe he meets Dallas while out on the town, maybe Dallas invites him to come to the show and see what he does best. After watching this routine, Dallas gives him the hard sell, but Mike isn't quite ready to step into this life. This would work with any army/military-related song they can get a license for, really. ("Danger Zone" by Kenny Loggins, perhaps?)

3. Mike Is Down On His Luck

Because Mike has always dreamed of being a big businessman, we have to see him attempt that life first and get shot down. Maybe we watch him pitch a few business ideas, maybe we see him go on interviews and tank them. Either way, he has to have a reason to come back to Dallas and possibly even train with him like Adam had to do.

4. Mike's First Stripping Routine

Because he can't be amazing right off the bat, there needs to be a number in the musical that shows Mike's hesitation for stripping. He can be a great dancer of course, but stripping and dancing have to prove to be a bit difficult for him. Perhaps he comes off like Alex Pettyfer's Adam does on his first routine attempt. (Insert "C'mon N' Ride It (The Train)" by Quad City DJ's here.)

5. Mike Meets Johanna

Perhaps along the road to becoming his magical self, Mike meets Johanna (played by Olivia Munn from the original film), who becomes his on-again, off-again love interest and helps him grow in his career. Johanna may not be his actual girlfriend, but she accepts him and what he's doing. And he feels comfortable enough to tell her intimate secrets about himself.

6. Mike Becomes "Magic" & Finds His Signature Song

Obviously, the musical has to get the rights for "Pony" by Ginuwine, but does anyone else want to watch Channing Tatum sing "Pony" while trying to figure out the perfect routine to the song? The number — and possibly even the show — could end with the iconic routine we saw Tatum perform to the song in the first film.

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