What Makes Up A Kimmy Gibbler?

by Rachel Simon

There are a few '90s TV characters that will always be iconic, no matter how many years have passed since their time in the spotlight. Full House 's Kimmy Gibbler is one of those few. Of all the many memorable characters from Full House, and the beloved ABC sitcom had a lot of memorable characters, few had as much impact on our culture as the Tanners' teenage next-door neighbor, a girl who loved shopping, hated math, and had the biggest hair this side of the '70s.

And, while the Tanner family may have seen Kimmy as a one-dimensional nuisance, Full House fans know that the show gave us much more to the character than her oddities. Sure, she had strange taste in clothing and probably could've used a shower now and then, but she had a great sense of humor, was always there for D.J., and brought some much-needed levity into some of the Tanners' most serious situations. Even if her neighbors pretended otherwise, Kimmy's presence in the household constantly made things better — or, at the very least, a lot more colorful. She may have been weird, but she could rock an LED dress like no one else.

Here's what makes up a Kimmy Gibbler, in a pie chart.

Image: ABC; Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle