Taylor Swift's Brother Is Cute AND Smart

Please don't tell my boyfriend, but Taylor Swift's brother, Austin, and I are kind of a thing. It all started when I waved to him at one of Swift's concerts a couple of years ago, and he gave me the dubious head nod in return, which means we're in love. If you yourself have discovered the wonder of the world that is Taylor's younger bro, you understand where I'm coming from. He's cute, his tweets are generally pretty entertaining, and honestly, who wouldn't want to marry into that family? And on top of all that, he's also smart — so smart that even though he could probably ride off of his sister's coattails for the rest of his life, he chose to further his education instead. So what's his deal? Although he initially began his college career at Vanderbilt in Nashville, Austin Swift is currently a student at Notre Dame.

If you know anything about colleges, you know that Notre Dame ranks pretty highly and only accepts 22 percent of applicants, which means Austin's pretty smart. And although he has the occasional complaints about the computer labs, he definitely seems to be enjoying his time there, and his sister visits him pretty often, as proud sisters tend to do.

In fact, since Austin's attended, his big sis has become somewhat of a staple around campus. Taylor often shows up to support her brother and hang out, usually for football games, but possibly to get those college experiences she skipped out on in favor of being one of the biggest stars in the world. She usually shows up decked out in Notre Dame gear, because all big sisters are required to be utterly embarrassing at every opportunity.

Most recently, she showed up at one of Austin's plays at Notre Dame to support him, because she's the cutest big sister ever. She even took the time to pose for photos with the rest of the cast, which were adorable, as is everything Taylor does.

Since then, Austin's remained pretty active in his school's theater community, and is starring in another play called A Dead Man's Cell Phone at Notre Dame. His role is important enough that he's featured in this photo wearing a bowtie and suspenders, but knowing his family, are we surprised he's talented? No way. Maybe he'll even branch out into the entertainment world post-college, which would be awesome. And I have a feeling that his sister might have a connection or two in Hollywood that could help him on his way. Regardless, he'll be graduating with a degree from one of the best schools in the country, so the sky's pretty much the limit. I mean, look at this face! If you already thought he was attractive, look how attractive he is holding a kitten.

Notre Damn. I mean, Notre Dame. Go Irish!