'Daredevil' Deals Heavily In Romance — Big Time

Hopefully by now you've finished your marathon of Daredevil Season 1 on Netflix. Congratulations if you have, because now we're going to talk about how that season ends, so spoilerphobes should turn back now. The very end of the season shows a hastily performed marriage proposal from Fisk to Vanessa. Then he's arrested, and she gets on a helicopter for who knows where, all the while clutching a giant diamond ring. When Season 2 picks up, are Fisk and Vanessa married? Even more pressing, where will Vanessa be?

Well, let's look at the lay of the land: In the final act of Daredevil Season 1, Fisk's monopoly of Hell's Kitchen comes crashing down. His crime and corruption is exposed and he's arrested. He knows it's happening though, and thankfully he's at least prepared for one last thing before he's taken away: He gives Vanessa a huge diamond ring (seriously, huge to the point where Kanye's ring for Kim looks puny). There's no getting down on one knee, though, because he can barely get the ring into her hands before he's cuffed. Bye, Fisk!

Backing up a little bit, before Fisk is arrested, he actually asks Vanessa to do something. We don't hear what it is at the time, but then we cut to Fisk being transported away, and meanwhile Vanessa's waiting to board a helicopter that will take her away from NYC, and eventually out of the country. We know Fisk doesn't make it to the chopper, and Vanessa takes off without him. But what happens next?

Since it's clear that no one pronounced them "husband and wife" between his escape from the police van and his defeat at the hands of Matt Murdock, it's safe to assume that Vanessa and Wilson are not married at the end of Season 1. But when Season 2 picks up, that's another story — after all, they get married in the comics, so this is kind of a sure thing.

But don't get too hasty. Keep in mind that Daredevil hasn't yet been renewed for more episodes (though we can pretty much bet on it, because, I mean, come on), and when Netflix does give the go ahead, Fisk will very much still be in jail when the series returns. It's not very romantic, but there is such a thing as getting married in prison and Vanessa and Fisk could very do that. It would honestly make sense for them to get married ASAP, because then they'll be granted all those marital rights, which might come in handy for when Fisk is put on trial (during the Season 2 that I'm currently imagining in my mind). So just know that while there's no paperwork yet, it's coming.

As to what marriage may bring, in the comics, Mrs. Vanessa Fisk doesn't really approve of Wilson's criminal ways and her life is constantly put in danger (it comes with the territory of being married to The Kingpin, I guess). The graphic novels see the spouses actually separate on a few occasions, but fear not, anti-hero 'shippers, these two always get back together. Daredevil might be weaving threads of those storylines the show, but instead of separating because of marital troubles, these two are separated by thick glass and those gross visitors' phones.

Where we see Vanessa next all depends on when Season 2 picks up in the series' Daredevil timeline. Will Vanessa still be AWOL? Or will she be making her way back to NYC to save her beloved? Will she take on the awesome Cruella de Vile-inspired hair that she's got in the comics? These are the big questions we need answered more than the marriage one, because frankly, my darlings, that thing is in the bag.

Image: Netflix (screengrab)