This New Dating App Cuts Out All Small Talk

by Kristine Fellizar

Browsing through dating profiles is fun, but for some of us, the idea of back and forth messaging before you actually meet the person, is a nightmare. If you'd rather find an attractive profile, meet up with the person, and then get to know them face-to-face without the usage of computer screens, the cheesy openers, and small talk text messages, then Rendeevoo, the new dating app without a chat function, may be for you.

The app, made in the UK, cuts the chatting time between finding a prospective date’s profile to the physical face-to-face date. In the typical online dating world, you find an appealing profile, you message them, you chat a bit, and then hopefully, if all things go well, you eventually meet up in person. Rendeevoo was created to eliminate all the impersonal back and forth texts and messages and go straight into the in person meet-up.

Co-founder George Christoforakis told TechCrunch, “We want to allow people to enjoy their real life instead of wasting time in front of their screens chatting with others asynchronously.”

Rendeevoo is simple enough. Users browse profiles, find someone they like, and then “place an order,” by choosing where they want the date to take place and when. Then, they pay for one cocktail at one of several bars the app has partnered with. When the chosen date also pays for their drink, the transactions are processed and the date is a go. However, people can also choose to cancel a date up to 30 minutes before without being penalized.

The founders of the app got the idea after being unhappy with the general landscape of technology-based dating. Christoforakis told TechCrunch

I quickly realized that asynchronous communications is an obstacle to the ones who prefer to know someone in person rather than through their screen. I also faced the usual threats that exist in such environments, like fake profiles and spammers/scammers, and started questioning the ethics of these big dating providers whose business models highlight a paradox: they promise to match me with the person of my dreams, but they earn money if I don’t.

In order to eliminate the problems of fakes and catfishing, users must provide credit card information as well as an authenticated Facebook profile before meeting with their date. Providing one’s credit card info and having to actually pay for drinks before a meet-up provides a level of security for people seriously looking for dates.

While the app promises to be an easier way to find dates, it doesn’t promise everlasting love or your true match. I mean, yeah, "placing orders" isn't exactly romantic.

“A busy young professional, irrespectively of their sex or sexuality, will find Rendeevoo as a great choice for a cheeky drink with someone new. We enforce that perception by not promising a great ‘match’. We limit our expertise to the overall experience that is a convenient way to meet someone at a great place today. Even if there’s little chemistry between two users, they still had a great time at our partnering bars enjoying a tasty cocktail,” Christoforakis told TechCrunch.

All in all, it’s about the experience. Rendeevoo soft launched in April 2014 and officially launched in beta last month. Currently, there are about 1200 active users.

Images: Jason Verwe/Flickr: Giphy (2)