15 Times The Women On 'Friends' Were Everything You've Ever Wanted From Your Girl Friends

If nothing else, the show Friends really lived up to its name. Being a show about "friends", very specifically, it gifted us with some of the greatest on screen friendships of all time. What's so unique about Friends is that, as individuals, each friend had a special and idiosyncratic relationship with each of the other five individuals as a group, while together, as a unit of six, they also had an incredibly intimate dynamic. Everyone worked, in any combination, and there were absolutely no gaps in closeness no matter who you paired with who.

As well as their group friendships and their individual friendships, Friends also birthed a three-way bromance, and a three-way lady-friendship that proved three isn't always company—it's just the perfect number of friends. The women on Friends were the most incredible in the way they interacted with each other: they fought, sure, but they also loved and supported each other madly. Their ability to communicate openly, honestly, and without fear of judgement with one another is something we could all use a little more of in our lives. In short, even when they weren't getting along, they were getting along just perfectly. Here are fifteen times the women on Friends were the best kind of female friends:

1. When they decided not to steal each others wind

After reading a book called "Be Your Own Wind Keeper" and taking a quiz, the girls fell out, but then decided they had enough problems with men "taking their wind" that they shouldn't take it from each other too. CAN I GET A "PREACH!" UP IN HERE?

2. When Phoebe let Rachel be Monica's maid of honor

Even though Phoebe and Rachel were fighting over the coveted bridesmaid position at Monica's wedding, with Phoebe winning, Phoebe happily stepped aside when she saw how much it actually meant to Rachel. No jealousy at all, which is a trait we very often see associated with female friendships on screen.

3. When Monica and Rachel took their apartment back

Monica and Rachel lost their apartment together—and then they teamed up to win together. Showing the true power of team work, at Phoebe's suggestion, Monica and Rachel took their apartment back from the men.

4. When they had a Valentine's Day burning ritual

The women had a burning ritual on Valentine's Day to cleanse themselves of ex-boyfriends, but the most important part is that they decided to spend the couples' holiday with their best gal pals.

5. When they just hung out in their pajamas and ate pizza and spied on George Stephanopoulos

The women didn't just have girls' nights in when they were sad about dudes: They also did it when life, career, money and everything else was getting them down, because women are multi-dimensional and care about things other than men.

6. When they sat around in wedding dresses drinking beer

This is basically my dream.

7. When they all looked at Playboy together

Making up stories for the women in Playboy is such a best women friend thing to do.

8. When Monica gave Rachel her baby name

If you want to talk about tear-jerkers in the female friendships on Friends, look no further than the moment when Monica gave Rachel her favorite baby name, Emma, for her new born.

9. When Phoebe and Monica started a business together

Phoebe and Monica go into business together, and—spoiler alert—it doesn't ruin their friendship! When Monica decides to bail on the business to pursue her personal career, there's friction, but with communication, love and understanding, Phoebe gloriously supports her.

10. Every time high school Rachel had Fat Monica's back

In every flashback featuring "Fat Monica", Rachel (aka, the prettiest, most popular cheerleader in school) has her back. She helps Monica plot revenge on Chandler for hurting her feelings, and despite the stereotype of "cool pretty girl" and "fat loser girl", they love one another regardless.

11. When Phoebe taught Rachel to run

Phoebe has eccentricities, and Rachel is embarrassed when Phoebe runs like a maniac, but Phoebe teaches Rachel to let go, and trust her on the running thing (which Rachel does with great enthusiasm).

12. When Phoebe and Monica stayed with Rachel when Emma wouldn't stop crying

Most people would bail when their friends kid wont stop wailing like a siren, but not Monica and Phoebe, who stick by new mom Rachel (with complaints of course, but what matters is that they were there and trying to help).

13. When Monica and Rachel fogged Danny

Together, women can fog weird bearded men in basements.

14. When Rachel moved out of Monica's and it was the end of an era

Rachel's move-out day resulted in a big fight between her and Monica, but in the end the things they loved about one another proved to be more important than their trivial issues.

15. Every time they put up with one another's awful personalities and loved each other unconditionally

Let's be real: Everyone on friends is pretty insufferable. But from watching, we know that they're equally lovable. These women see each other's flaws, raise them their own flaws, and love and support one another unconditionally. They always call each other out for being wrong, but they never, ever bail, and they always manage have the best time together, even when they're arguing, or just sitting about at home doing not much of anything.

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