Here's What Hillary Clinton's Van Looks Like!

by Alicia Lu

After officially announcing her presidential campaign on Sunday, Hillary Clinton has embarked on a road trip from her home in Chappaqua, New York to Monticello, Iowa, for her first campaign stop. Besides stopping at a Chipotle in Ohio on Monday and a local coffee shop in her destination state, Clinton is also using her mode of transportation to stress that she is just one of us. Meet "Scooby" the van, Clinton's official campaign ride, which she's taking for her cross-country trip to meet with voters of the middle and working classes. Even if some are questioning Clinton's attempt to reinforce her populist image, this is one badass van.

Over the years, Clinton has cultivated an image of an untouchable, sunglasses-wearing, G6-riding woman of power. That whole Texts From Hillary meme exists for a reason. However, in order to appeal to a wider demographic, one that includes middle and small-town America, Clinton will have to shed that elitist air and appear modest and down-to-earth. That's where Scooby comes in.

Named after the famous cartoon dog from the '70s cartoon Scooby Doo, Clinton's van is like the Mystery Machine meets The Matrix. It looks exactly like what Secret Service agents drive to pick up their kids from soccer practice. While some are criticizing Clinton for trying too hard to be populist and therefore coming off insincere, there's no denying that the van is a pretty sweet ride regardless.

Yes, the "tricked-outness" of the van does set it apart from your everyday minivan, but what do you expect, for Clinton to go across the country in a Dodge Grand Caravan?

This is true. The original Scooby Mystery Machine looked like this:

But again, what do you expect — this?

No. Of course, someone who is running for president of the United States is going to travel in something a little more official-looking. Her comparison of her van to the Mystery Machine was meant to be in jest, a lighthearted pop culture reference. Is picking that apart really the best you could do?

Either way, most of us would be lying if we said we didn't want to go around the block in that thing.

Image: Giphy