9 Quotes From Kim Kardashian's 'Harper's Bazaar' Feature That Are A Million Times Better Without Context

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As the great romantic poet John Keats wrote in the masterful Ode on a Grecian Urn, "beauty is truth, truth beauty." And as Kim Kardahsian said when she shared what 24 hours with her is like for Harper's Bazaar, "I love baths." Both of these quotes (one by virtue of its artistic merit, one for the sake of being said by a celebrity) are likely to end up on an online quote database a lá Brainy Quote.

For Kim, it doesn't stop there. Her April 2015 Harper's Bazaar feature, in which she enumerates every mundane aspect of her day, is chock-full of quotes that are hilarious when you take them out of context. Some of them are just non-thoughts. Others are cryptic. Others are surprisingly poetic. I've pulled some of the hilarious #KimThoughts from this piece, extracted all contextual clues, and arranged them here for your viewing pleasure. Also, I've provided their corresponding inspirational quote stock imagery — as every great proverb should have a landscape behind it.

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