Can Brody Jenner Give Relationship Advice?

Another Jenner is staking claim on E! and, surprisingly, it's not Kendall or Kylie. E! just ordered four episodes of Brody Jenner's new reality series Sex With Brodyand yes, you are reading that correctly. According to Deadline, Bruce Jenner's son and former Hills star Jenner will host a relationship roundtable show alongside TV personaility Mike Dow and comedian Stevie Ryan, who will field questions on sex, love, and everything in between. E! bought the project, which is based on The Brody Jenner Podcast With Dr. Mike Dow, and clearly hopes that people will believe Jenner to be the sexpert that, well, Jenner already thinks he is.

I'm not quite certain why Jenner is dipping his toe in the sex advice pool, but I guess someone had to give a guy a real job at some point, right? That's not to say I have no faith in Jenner as a relationship expert — his time on reality television series The Hills certainly proved that he knows a thing or two about the ladies, even if he did fake date half the cast. We might all be able to learn a thing or do from Sex With Brody — just check out the sex tips he's already bestowed upon us.

Cuddling Is Important Foreplay

And boy did it serve him well.

It's Important To Support Your Friends

Sure, he may have let Speidi take over the world for a couple of years there, but at least he knew better than to stand in the way of true love, even if it meant dealing with the most frustrating TV couple of all time.

It's Okay To Look Like An Idiot In Front Of The Girl You Like

It shows her you're human — especially if your abs hint that you're secretly a robot built to resemble the perfect male specimen.

A Smooth Line Goes A Long Way

"Ugh, what a line." (***Secretly falls over dead from too much swooning.***)

Staying Friends With Your Ex Isn't Always A Bad Thing

Sometimes it means you get a longer arc on a reality show.

Always Support Your Partner

Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Like the time Brody wore his then-girlfriend Avril Lavigne's concert tee shirt to a fashion show. (He also tattooed her name on his body but at least you can take off a tee shirt without a laser.)

A Smile Goes A Long Way

For this guy? Boy, does it ever.

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