Kim Kardashian Wears A Denim Bra As Clothing

Wife of Kanye West and pioneer of heavy contouring Kim Kardashian wore a denim bra as actual clothing fresh off the heels of her modest makeover for her tour in Armenia. Here’s the deal: this outfit rules. In our desperate attempts to shame our grandmothers by continuing to wear as little clothing as humanly possible without actually being naked, bralettes have become staples in the wardrobes of both springtime fashionistas and Coachella festival goers alike. It’s time to stop fighting the machine and let this trend run its course.

The two-piece, high-waisted pencil skirt and v-necked bra appear to be some sort of heathered blue or chambray, an agreeable shade that she paired with a camel-colored coat. She matched the outfit to a similar beige kitten heeled sandal and a neutral palette for her makeup. She of course also accessorized with her staple Kanye West arm candy.

Kim manages to make even the trickiest of shapes work for her petite frame, and this ensemble is no exception. (Heels certainly help, but they aren’t even particularly tall in this instance.) Despite her affinity for skin tight clothing (like, questionably lubricated tights), she always manages to style her outfits in a way that if anything, gives her some length. (I say this as a person who too, is on the shorter side.)

The pair were pictured in Paris. Kanye wore my velour Juicy track jacket from 2006. Keep doing you, Kimye.