This Woman Found Her Doppelgänger And It's Crazy

The doppelgänger trend has come and gone. You wouldn't find too many pictures of celebrity doppelgängers on your Facebook feed anymore. But "Twin Strangers" is taking it one step further: In this project, three people are trying to connect with their look-a-likes all around the world. What if you could find your find your doppelganger from anywhere in the world? Turns out, there are cultures across the globe that believe in finding your twin and subscribe to the notion that 7 people in the world look like you. Do you believe it? Do you want to meet one of those 7 people?

Honestly, I've never been a fan of the doppelgänger phenomenon. How many times have you had a friend come over and tell you they met someone who looks exactly like you? It gets old. I, as a very short Indian woman, am told about once a year that one of my friends has met my twin. Translation: "I met another short tan person! She's Italian! Or Colombian! You guys should totally be friends!" It just makes me feel like I'm being categorized into a group of women who vaguely look like me because they're 5'2" and also need to employ stools in order to reach the top shelf.

Even though I'm skeptical, I've warmed to Twin Strangers, because they're going for much more specificity. They are three friends—Terence, Harry and Naimh—who are set on finding their real life doppelgänger and are doing so in a way that takes every citizen of the globe into consideration.

Niamh, the first to find her match, comes face to face with her new twin, Karen, in this video. And after a little make-up, they really could pass as twins:

The "Twin Strangers" crew still has to find doppelgängers for Terence and Harry. They're entering phase 2 of their operation. Here's the most recent update:

So, what would you do if you ended up with a Twin Stranger? Here are a few suggestions for Naimh and her new twin stranger, Karen:

1. Pull a Parent Trap

Go back to each other's hometowns. Hire a butler named Martin while you're at it. Learn an intricate handshake, get your parents back together. You know the drill.

2. Dress up together for Halloween and fulfill your childhood dreams of being Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum

Don't lie, you've had a list of twin costumes you've been waiting to trot out. You could be a Double Rainbow! Just something to consider.

3. Use your twin as an excuse to switch professions for a day

When else will you be able to pass as someone who works in fashion, or is an advertising executive? If you met your twin and she happened to work in fashion, it could actually happen.

4. Perform a hearty rendition of "Let's Get Together"

Discuss how dirty the "why don't you and I combine" implication was in the original Parent Trap.

5. See if the Olsens want to go on a twin double date with you

If that's not the dream, I really don't know what is.

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