Create Your Own Hillary Clinton-Inspired Logo

The social media sphere has been atwitter lately (pun intended) with jabs and rally cries over Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign logo — which happens to look a lot like a Carnival Cruise logo to me, if I'm being honest. Luckily, for anyone out there who's looking to launch their own presidential bid this summer and really digs the simple campaign art, graphic designer Rick Wolff has created a Clinton-inspired typeface generator to help you conjure up your own Hillary-esque logo. Or, you know — write up immature phrases and tweet them to your co-workers. Whatever.

"[Wolff calls it] 'Hillary Bold' or 'Hillvetica'," explained The Washington Post on Tuesday. The generator has already become so popular that Wolff has started up a crowdfunding campaign to create and release the lettering to the public as an actual font (because who doesn't want to use this on their company letterhead?). On Tuesday evening, Wolff tweeted that he planned to use the GoFundMe donations to purchase the required software necessary to build the font and then release the fruits of his labor for free online, because he's just a good guy like that. "[It will take] a week, tops," he added.

"We're still playing with the kerning (spacing) on [the generator]," explained the Post, "so don't get too mad just yet. Just have fun."

It looks like fun is definitely being had. By Tuesday night, a handful of hilarious and witty slogans using the "Hillvetica" font had been posted on Twitter:

And in case you were wondering when someone was going to just come out and say it:

Not to be outdone, one graphic designer decided to take it upon herself to create a font-set just for GOP candidate, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, tweeting, "My retort to Hillvetica: #ComicRands."

Still, others weren't so kind.


Anyone looking to build their own presidential slogan can still find the generator over on the Washington Post's page. If you're going to procrastinate on the Internet, at least make sure there's a politically important angle to it.

Images: Hillary Clinton; author's own