What To Know About 'Shark Tank's Melni Connector

by Rosie Narasaki

What could a Melni Connector be? Some kind of lego-like interlocking building blocks? Some newfangled technological device? Well, as we'll see on Friday's episode of Shark Tank, the Melni Connector is actually more of a tool than a plaything or gadget. It serves to safely (and simply) connect two wires. For those of us who are less electrically inclined (myself included), it does the work of multiple tools and parts (such as crimpers and heat shrink insulators), and connects two wires in a very user-friendly manner.

Right now, Melni Connectors are only available on the Melni website — but don't worry, if you're interested in purchasing one, their site is more than enough (that said, I'm sure entrepreneur/inventor Mark Melni wouldn't turn down a chance to get his product featured on QVC if, say, Lori Grenier decided to invest in his product...). Their online store offers three types of connectors, all crafted for various gauges of wire and bonus, all products are currently 20 percent off to promote their upcoming stint on Shark Tank.

Click Here To Shop Melni Connectors.

So, do Melni Connectors have a chance in the tank? It all comes down to the details: When entrepreneurs pitch their product, anything can make or break them — so, if you're curious whether or not the Sharks will decide to invest in the product, it's important to get as much background on the product as possible. So, with that in mind, here are a few things you should know about the Melni Connector.

It's Based On The Chinese Finger Trap

According to the TechHelp, Mark Melni was inspired to create his invention back in 2007, after becoming somewhat obsessed with the idea of the Chinese Finger Trap. Go figure, eh?

President Obama Has Seen It

President Obama took a tour of the TechHelp lab at Boise State University where the Melni Connector was being developed this January. Now, that's got to bode well with the Sharks!

Creator Mark Melni Is A Solo Pianist

That's what it says in his Lost-Arts bio. Not a bad side job for an inventor.

The Melni Team Has Won Entrepreneurial Awards

Back in 2010, Melni LLC won the prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year award from the State of Idaho.

All that bodes pretty well for the invention, eh? Guess we'll have to wait and see if it's enough to pique the Sharks' interests!

Images: Tony Rivetti/ABC; Giphy (4)