What To Wear To A 5SOS Concert This Summer

There's no shame in loving boy bands, like One Direction or 5 Seconds of Summer. They are cute. They harmonize. Your kid sister digs them, which is totally, definitely the real reason why you bought tickets to their tour this summer and now are struggling to figure out what to wear to a 5 Seconds of Summer concert. Luckily, since the whole point of these bands is to have fun, you can really rock whatever the heck you want. Get dolled up and experiment with your ensemble. There are no rules and that's the best part.

Of course, if you wanted to get all 5SOS referential and rock some American Apparel underwear as tribute to "She Looks So Perfect," you certainly may. This, however, is not at all required.

It's going to be a concert venue mostly populated by teens that are shrieking at the top of their young lungs into the hot night air of the summer. That said, you can get playful with your ensemble for the evening, since it is a carefree show. Who would you be trying to impress, anyway? In fact, I'd even say that this is one of the few concerts where it's totally acceptable to wear the band's tee to their show as you sing along to those catchy pop songs.

Here's how you can look so perfect at a 5SOS show, no matter your personal style.

1. Casual And Cool

You can be "that girl" and wear a 5SOS tee and rubber bracelets. But you can also be "you" with some short shorts, high-top Chucks, gold hoops, and hot pink lips. This is the coolest big sister look ever.

2. Stars And Stripes

Be the star of the show with a striped outfit. A bandeau, boyfriend jeans, mammoth platforms, and silvery jewelry, offset by cherry red lips, come together for one sophisticated-yet-concert appropriate outfit.

3. Glamsual

An LBD gets a jolt of gilded glam with earrings, strappy sandals, layered necklaces, and a wristlet. Get ready while singing Wiz Khalifa's "Black and Yellow."

4. Silly, Fun, 'N' Cute

You can be a silly and cute goofball with a Mrs. Harry Styles sweatshirt, acid-washed jeans, a catback or "catpack," winged liner, and print sole flip flops. This is one occasion where fashion needn't be quite so serious.

5. Boho Chic

If you just can't get down with boy band chic, that's fine. It'll be a summer night so you can stand out from the girls wearing their homemade "Mrs. Michael Summers" T-shirts by going boho chic with a maxi, a bucket hat, a fringed bag, and arm cuffs. You'll be the best-dressed babe in the room.

6. Grunge Girl Rebel

Want to be the rebel whose outfit screams, "I AM NOT HERE BY CHOICE"? Grab a babydoll, Docs, and a studded crossbody — everyone will get the message.

7. Glam Rock Goddess

You can mix glam rock with the boy band vibe with this outfit. I swear I could see Victoria Beckham wearing this while accompanying Harper to a 5SOS show one day in the future!

Images: Polyvore (7)