Photos & Videos From Police Brutality Protests

by Melissah Yang

Across the country, police violence protests in New York and other U.S. cities led to dozens of arrests after demonstrators blocked highways and rails and crowded police precincts. The protests come after new police shooting incidents in recent weeks left two unarmed black men dead. But while the officers involved in Walter Scott and Eric Harris' deaths have been charged, it's hard to forget Michael Brown and Eric Garner, whose deaths in Ferguson, Missouri, and New York were left unanswered.

A march across New York's Brooklyn Bridge took place Tuesday as demonstrators held signs that read "Stop murder by police." In Los Angeles, protesters blocked part of a metro rail line during rush hour traffic. Three protesters were arrested in Birmingham, Alabama. In Springfield, Massachusetts, 16 participants were arrested on charges of being disorderly. Protests also took place in San Francisco, Seattle, Cleveland, and Oakland, California.

Last week, video surfaced that showed Scott, a South Carolina man, being shot multiple times in the back as he attempted to run away from Michael Slager, a white police officer who has since been charged with murder and fired from the force. Harris of Oklahoma was fatally shot at the end of a police chase by reserve deputy Robert Bates, who claimed he accidentally pulled his gun instead of his Taser. The incident took place April 2, but authorities released a body cam video just this past weekend. Bates now faces a second-degree manslaughter charge for the shooting death.