Send SCOTUS Your Same-Sex Save-The-Dates

As the Supreme Court approaches the deadline for its landmark ruling on same-sex marriage, actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson (of Modern Family fame) and his husband, Justin Mikita, are reminding the justices just how important their decisions are. Ferguson and Mikita's Tie the Knot advocacy group lets same-sex couples send the Supreme Court their save-the-dates to emphasize how many people's lives the ruling would change. Couples can use Tie the Knot's website to design a save-the-date and Ferguson and Mikita will make sure it reaches SCOTUS before its decision.

In the promo video for Tie the Knot's Save the Date campaign, the group asks: why wait to plan your wedding? Start sending your save-the-dates now, and start by sending them to the people who would make your wedding possible, the Supreme Court Justices. That way, they'll have an idea of just how many couples are counting on them. The video even notes that Ruth Bader Ginsburg's favorite dessert is frozen lime souffle, in case you want to actually invite her to your nuptials (and why wouldn't you?).

All you have to do is enter your email into their online form and they'll let you know when the Card Builder is live, so you can start designing your save-the-date. Then Ferguson and Mikita's team will handle the rest. According to Tie The Knot spokesperson Kevin Rutkowski, the Card Builder should be up and running either in late April or early May, just in time to send the cards to the justices before their decision in June.

Rutkowski told BuzzFeed News:

Jesse and Justin are really excited about the idea of a fun way of reminding the Supreme Court just how important their decision is.

Jonathan L. Richman, associate creative director at The Martin Agency, which produced the video and is collaborating with Tie the Knot on the campaign, told Mashable:

We were looking at this issue and we wanted to go beyond politics and punditry and put real people forward here, and show that there are real people’s lives hanging in the balance here.

Richman also told the site that he hopes SCOTUS will be inundated with boxes and boxes of save-the-dates.

The Supreme Court is set to hear same-sex marriage cases from Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Ohio on April 28. Its decision, which is expected to come in June, could make gay marriage bans unconstitutional in all 50 states, ending the years-long legal battles within individual states for marriage equality and forever change the tide for gay rights in America.

Needless to say, that ruling would be monumental for millions of Americans. But just in case SCOTUS isn't fully aware of what's at stake, Tie the Knot's campaign allows those Americans to remind the court themselves — and what's a better reminder than a save-the-date?

Watch the Save the Date video below.

Images: Tie the Knot/YouTube