Lena Dunham Wore The Best Rompers And Dresses In 'Girls' Season 2 — "Shorteralls" Are All The Proof You Need

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As a lover of Lena Dunham and her unapologetically candid style, I am a huge fan of Hannah Horvath's fashion in Girls . Besides the laughs and life lessons, I'm endlessly inspired by the stylistic choices of the characters, particularly Hannah's (she clearly knows her way around a romper).

Not only are her outfits on point, but the politics behind how Lena chooses to present her character, as well as how these outfits aid and illustrate character development, are super important to me and to any Girls viewer.

I was feeling nostalgic with season 5 beginning production this week, and marathoned the series in my downtime. I discovered that season 2 is a particularly good season for both incredible outfits and incredible breakthroughs. So check out the six best outfits I've compiled — what a great season it was!

Image: HBO

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