Forget Season 3, 'OITNB' Season 4 Is All The Rage

Man, modern television is truly a wonderful thing, dontcha think?? Not only are some of the best shows in the history of the whole wide world at our fingertips right now, but for a lot of them, we get pretty much instant gratification. Gone are the days of waiting a week between episodes or waiting on the edge of your seat for a series renewal after the last new episode has already aired; now we're spoiled by binge-watching, and season renewals popping up to surprise us when we least expect it. Which is exactly what just happened with the Netflix show Orange Is The New Black. Even though Season 3 of the series doesn't drop on the streaming site until Jun. 12, OITNB has officially been renewed for a fourth season! God bless you, Internet!

The new episodes won't be scheduled for their bulk dump (sounds gross, I know, but what do you want me to do, it's the proper phrasing!) until 2016, but I think I speak for all of us when I say knowing we for sure have 13 more hour-long episodes coming our way will make the wait way easier. For me, waiting on the edge of my seat to see if my favorite show makes a comeback can be the hardest part, so I'm pretty grateful to Netflix for making it official that I'll be spending some more time with my girls Piper, Alex, Crazy Eyes, Poussey, and Taystee as they complete their sentences.

Can't wait to do some serious time (like 13 hours) at Litchfield... by which I mean in front of my computer. I don't think anyone's ever been quite so excited to add a year to their sentence.

Image: Netflix