Harper Is So Victoria Beckham's Mini Me

When Victoria Beckham was pregnant with her fourth child in 2011, her fans were hoping that Posh Spice would finally have a girl after three boys, so she could have someone to bequeath that fabulous wardrobe, closet, and sense of style to. Harper Beckham is proving to be Victoria Beckham's Mini Me now that she is 3, but she remains a real, relatable kid (unlike North, cough, West).

Harper has been seated in the front row at fashion shows, like her future style rival North West, since her mom is a legit and well-respected designer (h/t to Victoria for moving on from her Spice Girls days so successfully). But when Beckham shared a photo of her and her baby girl holding hands while wearing monochromatic outfits — Posh in red, Harper in white — I nearly died at how naturally cute and fabulous the tot is.

Even though this image, taken at an event, is from the back, Harper comes off more like Blue Ivy, who Beyoncé and Jay Z take care to dress like a normal child, than she does like North, who Kimye works overtime to style like a fashion plate in luxe labels. I ping pong between thinking North's image is crazy cute, ridiculous, and a bit forced, while not being very youthful or fun.

Harper, while impeccably dressed, looks like cute kid who also happens to be stylish.

Those braids! That little crochet-esque dress! Precious.

Here's why North and Kim need to pay attention to Harper Beckham. She's not trying for adulthood while still in the single digits.

1. She Hangs With Anna Wintour, But Picks Her Nose


Look at that loose, flowy, Kate Moss-like hair! She hangs with Vogue editrix and fashion doyenne Anna Wintour, but, like any child, she also picks her nose! Harper is such a real girl.

2. She Likes Pops Of Color But Gets Bored Doing Adult Stuff

Michael Regan/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Check out that bright pop of salmon that Harper is wearing while nestled in her grandmother's arms. But she was at an adult sporting event and she was bored and yawning, since she'd probably rather be playing with toys.

3. Monochromatic Again While On Dad's Lap


Yes, she was at a fashion show. Yes, she was wearing all black, which is the hallmark of many style queens, and rocking a ballerina bun. But Harper was also perched on dad's lap and sticking her fingers in one of the holes in her face. See what I mean? She acts like civilian kid while dressing like a celeb one, without going overboard.

Harper Beckham has got to be my fave celebrity offspring. Sorry, not sorry Kimye! They need to take some cues from Harper Beckham, who knows how to chill fashionably.

Images: Victoria Beckham/Instagram (1); Getty (3)