What Will Happen On 'OITNB' Season 4?

by Jennifer Still

It's been a good week for Orange Is The New Black, that's for sure. First, Showtime revealed that Orange Is The New Black Season 3 will hit Netflix on June 12 — seriously, that's less than two months away! — giving us 14 brand, spanking new episodes to devour in the span of a single weekend while eating too much take out so as not to spend a single second away from the laptop screen. (Wait, that's not just me, right?) Now fans of the show have something else to celebrate: Orange Is The New Black has been renewed for Season 4 already, before Season 3 has even started! AMAZING!

The great thing about OITNB is that there's endless potential for new storylines. Litchfield Prison is a goldmine of crazy characters, and there's always a new influx of inmates arriving that can be added to the cast. Basically, the show could go on forever — or at least for several more years. And while it's hard to even speculate on what Season 4 will have to offer considering we haven't seen what's happening in Season 3 yet, that sure won't stop me from trying. It means assuming a few things that are to come in June, but I think we can do it.

Here's what OITNB Season 4 could possibly hold in store.

Alex and Piper Have a Jailhouse Wedding

Alex and Piper will spend most of Season 3 getting back together and solidifying their relationship. Sure, they have a history of betrayal, and will have a hard time regaining the trust they've lost in one another, but they eventually realize that there's no one else they'd rather be with besides each other. By Season 4, they're ready to make it official with a jailhouse wedding. Crazy Eyes will preside over the ceremony, of course.

Nicky Decides To Become Celibate

Anyone who's ever watched a single episode of OITNB knows that Nicky loves the ladies — there's no denying it. But, by Season 4, Nicky is left heartbroken after a particularly bad breakup she suffers after ending a relationship she carries on throughout Season 3 and vows to never go near a woman again. Of course, we can all guess how that one will turn out!

Red Holds a MasterChef-style Competition to Spice Up Litchfield's Food

After finally managing to get back in the kitchen, Red begins to get frustrated with the basic rations the inmates are handed, and the repeated budget cuts they're facing. She tries throughout Season 3 to blackmail Litchfield's administrators and, in Season 4, finally strikes up a deal: If she can produce a meal that's restaurant quality, the kitchen budget will be increased. This leads to Red organizing a MasterChef-style competition to find some new culinary talent behind bars.

Taystee Has a Brief Fling With Poussey

Poussey has long held a soft spot for Taystee and wishes their friendship — which is probably the best friendship on the show — could be a little more than that. Unfortunately, Taystee isn't really into women, so it's never worked out. However, as they begin to grow closer, Season 4 sees Taystee make a move to take their relationship to the next level after having too much smuggled booze, though it doesn't take long before they decide to go back to being just friends.

A Serious Clerical Error Leads to Pennsatucky Being Released

Someone's going to lose their job over this! Somehow, an extreme clerical error causes disastrous consequences when it leads to Pennsatucky being released from Litchfield and back into the general public. She immediately takes her insanity back to the streets, and the manhunt to get her back in custody after the mistake is discovered will take up a better part of Season 4.

Crazy Eyes Starts a Matchmaking Service

Crazy Eyes may not have had the best luck in relationships herself, but she's a true believer in love and really thinks there's someone for everyone. While being in prison heavily decreases the dating pool, Suzanne is determined to make some serious matches behind bars in Season 4 and creates Swirl, a business dedicated to combining the spirits of her fellow prisoners in love and harmony.

Sophia's Hair Salon Gets a Major Makeover

To get what you want in prison, you have to have something to offer. Sophia happens to overhear some pretty disturbing things from prison officials in Season 3 — things which could send Litchfield into complete chaos if they were to be discovered — and she decides to use this to her advantage. She wants the salon to get a complete makeover, and, while reluctant, the big wigs in charge decide to let her get her way in Season 4 in exchange for her silence. The new salon rivals anything on the outside, and makes Sophia's sentence just a bit more bearable.

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