11 Emotions Everyone Experiences On Tax Day

by Megan Broussard

It's April 15, y'all, and that can only mean one thing — it's Tax Day. Whether you’re a procrastinator who knew this day was coming but put off filing your taxes till the last minute because that’s how you do you, or you simply forgot about Tax Day altogether, chances are emotions are running high on this fine, spring day. And if I’m the one to break the news to you that today is in fact the day when Uncle Sam comes calling, just know that I’m sorry for your loss — that is, the loss of your sanity, and the loss of your dignity as you stamp your feet like a 4-year-old sent to time out for something “you didn’t do.” Sorry, dude. I feel your pain.

Hey, don’t shoot the messenger — or anyone else for that matter. This is an emotional day for all of us, and we’re all in it together. Come tomorrow, it will have all blown over, and we can laugh about that time we lost our heads in a panicked craze before promising ourselves we will never, ever let Tax Day turn us into such monsters ever again. In the meantime, however, just know you aren’t alone. Here are 11 emotions everyone feels on Tax Day.

1. You wake up chirpy

The gentle rays of the sun rock you awake, the birds are your alarm clock. All is good in the world, and you are ready to conquer. But, first, you check your email....

2. You realize it's April 15. APRIL 15.

Wait, is your phone trying to tell you it's April 15? Wait. No. It's the 14th. You know it is. Right? Whew! Just scared yourself there. Because that would mean it's Tax Day. Peace prevails until your mom calls: "Mornin' honey! Just want to make sure you get your taxes out on time. Did you cut your hair? I saw it on Facebook."

3. You panic like it's prom night and you missed curfew

Forget the hair, mom! You clearly have more important things to worry about.

4. You begin to play the blame game

You know, no one sent you a reminder email that this day was coming, and where is the google calendar update from the IRS, huh? Why didn't your significant other hound you about getting your taxes done? They hound you about everything else. Doesn't anyone care?!?!

5. You convince yourself there's a grace period

It's like the one time you were late on rent. They give you a built in cushion. Taxes are probably the same way... kind of like how movie times are only a suggestion. You can technically go at any time and even if you're late, you'll just skip over the previews anyway. Chyeah... you're fine. But, just to be sure, you call an accountant.

6. You realize you're in deep s*%$


7. You swear to yourself that you'll never forget Tax Day again

It's similar to the promise you make about not drinking so much anymore. Only, I have a feeling you're probably going to keep this one. Friendship bracelets with Uncle Sam look more like handcuffs, and you won't like that look.

8. You realize that doing your taxes takes, like, an hour tops if you e-file

You turn on your computer and gather your W-2 forms. Wait, this isn't so hard...

9. You feel relief as you hit submit

Honestly, you're not sure what you were so worried about in the first place.

10. You feel ABSOLUTE EUPHORIA as you realize you're getting a return this year

Why do people fear this day so much!? The hardest part is figuring out where to spend all that cash.

11. You forget that it's Tax Day

Now that the drama's over, it's back to daily life for you. What's so special about April 15 anyway?

Images: eFile989/Flickr; Giphy (11)