Kendall Jenner Covers 'GQ' In A White Bikini

That momager Kris Jenner needs to give her daughter Kendall Jenner's agents and publicists hefty raises because the up and coming model has been everywhere since the fall of 2014. Kendall Jenner covers the May 2015 issue of GQ and it was only a matter of time before the model, 19, did the obligatory men's mag cover while striking a searing bikini pose.

Now is the right time for Kendall to grace the cover of GQ. It's a rite of passage for plenty of starlets and her star has never been as ascendant as it is now and it likely will never burn as bright as it does in 2015. So she's having at it.

But can we stop for a second and talk about that bikini, by Adriana Degreas. And I don't mean the negative space triangle-within-a-triangle top, either. That's actually fashion forward, even if the ensuing tan lines will suck it. Let your eyes drift south.

Kendall Jenner, the photographer, and the photo editors offer a distinct and new take on the thigh gap. It appears as though a beacon of light is radiating from Jenner's vajayjay area. Yeah, she has a toned, flawless, and flat tummy and a rad body, but all I see is what looks like glorious light pouring from her vagina.

See it?! Now that we got that outta the way, don't you just love how Kendall is ripping off her jean jacket, like Hulk Hogan did during his WWF heyday? I do.

Kendall covering GQ right here, right now is important for three simple reasons.

1. All-American Girl Next Door

Kendall is the quintessential all-American girl next door, with her bikini bod, her beachy cocoa-colored waves, and inviting, warm smile. She's a pretty girl, but one who seems relatable, despite her very public family situation. Kendizzle isn't kray kray like the rest of the Kardashians and for that reason, she appears attainable.

2. Now Is Her Time

As mentioned, Kendall is blazing hot right now. Thermonuclear, really. She racks up modeling gigs, endorsements, and mag covers in volume. She has to take advantage of the fact that she is at her fame's apex right now. No time like the present for a GQ cover.

3. Immortality

Jenner is 19. Who wouldn't want to immortalize their youthful beauty with a mag cover such as this? No, it's not iconic, but it will be for Kendall in a decade.

Notice that she has perfected the hand-in-hair flip! It's her cute little nervous tick.

Images: GQ (1); Giphy (4)