Maisie Williams Has Excellent Selfie Game

Can you believe Arya Stark is already 18? It's the legal drinking age over in the UK, so I'm sure Maisie Williams is in for quite the birthday bash this year — so of course, we have to do our part and celebrate as well! And what better way than through her absolutely delightful Instagram account? Maisie Williams takes an excellent selfie, and so a look through her feed is immensely satisfying.

As it would turn out, Ms. Williams has got makeup game to spare, and her selfies are accordingly fab (she's got everything from neon pink and green eyebrows to fangs to butterfly hair clips). I guess that kind of cosmetic chutzpah that shouldn't come as a surprise — after all, it's no secret that Maisie is something of a fashion girl: She wore ultra-stylish dress after ultra-stylish dress in 2014, and she took a huge fashion risk (that paid off) by going very on-theme and wearing a giant dress made of actual comic books at Comic Con. Speaking of Comic Con, she also basically won the fashion side of the Game of Thrones panel (along with Gwendoline Christie, of course).

So, without further ado, let's wish Maisie a happy birthday — by taking a look at her 13 top selfies on Instagram!

13. The Sauce Selfie

Who else wants "Flame of Thrones" sauce now?

12. The Blue Lips Selfie

Cue Regina Spektor.

11. The Pet Selfie

Who doesn't like to selfie it up with their pet?

9 and 10. The Mismatched Eyebrow Selfie(s)

... It's the next big trend?

8. The Friend Selfie

Adorable. Also, how on-point is her eyeliner?

7. The New Years' Selfie

The headband is so epic I almost didn't notice the glitter on her cheeks!

6. The Disgruntled Selfie


5. The Halloween Selfie

Her eyeliner game is literally fierce.

4. The Rollerblading Video Selfie

Selfie-ing whilst rollerblading... now that takes coordination.

3. The Magazine Selfie

What better way to celebrate your first Dazed cover than with a selfie? Also, bonus points for the cat-ear beanie!

2. The Glastonbury Selfie


1. The Sunnies Selfie

Of course Maisie would take Marilyn Monroe's iconic quote of "Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring" to heart. It's kind of the unofficial theme of this list, after all.

Images: Getty Images; maisie_williams/Instagram