What Your Favorite Princess Hair Says About You

by Kara Weymouth

Like most Americans of a certain age, I've been a Disney fan my entire life. Even as a teenager, I never thought I was "too cool" for a fairy tale. I'm also a big believer that your favorite Disney Princess says a lot about who you are as a person. After all, these characters are usually our first role models outside of the family and their stories often shape our fantasies and goals as we navigate childhood. Disney, for better or worse, often uses female characters' hair to illustrate important personality traits. So, what does your favorite Disney Princess' hair say about you as a human?

Looking back, I think Belle was my favorite princess for most of my childhood (because she loved to read as much as I did), but when I saw Sleeping Beauty for the first time (my mom must have been sick of Beauty and The Beast at that point) I fell in love. She only has 18 lines of actual dialogue but, as far as my eight-year-old-self was concerned, Aurora had it all: THREE fairy godmothers (take that Cinderella), a pretty singing voice, and she was a tall blonde. Plus, I still love a good nap.

Over the years, Disney has evolved the princesses' hair to be at least slightly more attainable — but it's all still pretty much amazingly gorgeous. What does your favorite set of strands say about you? Let's delve into it.

Merida's Bright Red Curls

Merida is obviously brave (it is the title of her Pixar movie, after all) but it's her fiery personality that that really sets her apart from other Disney princesses. Like her abundant red curls, Merida blazes through life and so do you! Independent, athletic, and just a little bit stubborn, you buck tradition and go your own way.

Rapunzel's Legendary Locks

If Tangled had been released when I was a kid, Rapunzel would definitely be my favorite princess today. She's just so adorkable! Like Rapunzel's hair, you can sometimes be a bit high maintenance but your genuine excitement for life and sunny personality make up for it. You want to experience everything the world has to offer, but you also need a lot of love and reassurance thanks to some unresolved mommy issues.

Snow White's Short Style

Snow White is the original Disney princess, but her short 'do is thoroughly modern. Like Snow, you're low maintenance and would rather put in a day of hard work than fuss with your hair! Of course, you still believe that someday your prince (or princess) will come, but in the meantime you're having a lot of fun with your friends.

Aurora's Blonde Bangs

You agree that you're, like, really pretty. Just kidding! But you are a classic beauty, in a Betty Draper kind of way. That smooth bouncy hair is usually the center of attention and so are you! Some people might find you intimidating at first, but your gentle, kind nature always wins them over in the end.

Jasmine's Thick, Flowing Strands

Jasmine's hair is a huge part of her identity throughout the original Aladdin movie. She hides it under a cloak in the marketplace to blend in, confronts the men trying to rule over her life with her iconic triple ponytail, and embraces her sensual power by letting it loose. Like Jasmine, you won't let anyone tell you how to live your life. Sneaking out of the house past curfew? Check. Proudly owning your own sexuality? Yup! Marrying for love? Obviously. Keeping a wild tiger as a pet? Well... we can count your rescue cat.

Tiana's Tiara'd Topknot

Even after marrying Prince Naveen, Tiana stays in New Orleans and, with a bit of hard work, realizes her dream of owning a restaurant. With her hair pulled up into a high bun, Tiana is so focused on success that she can come across as rigid but that's only because she's so driven. Like Tiana, you need someone to make sure you have a little bit of fun every once in a while but don't worry, nothing will get in the way of you reaching your goals.

Belle's Ponytail

Belle's simple ponytail really says it all. She has a laid back, straight forward approach to her beauty routine and you probably do too! Like Belle, you have an inkling that you're pretty but it's really not important to you. Your confidence comes from your intelligence, an ability to face your fears head on and a determination to make the most of your life.

Cinderella's Practical 'Do

From her shoulder length hair to her bright red lips, Cinderella's style is clearly evocative of American beauty trends in the post-World War 2 era. It makes sense since animators based Cinderella on actress and live model, Helene Stanley before the film's release in 1950. Like Cindy, you exude Old Hollywood glamor and have a penchant for vintage clothing. Reworking your mother's dress in under an hour? You've got this.

Mulan's DIY Lob

As you probably know, Mulan spends most of her movie disguised as a man so that her elderly father won't be forced to become a soldier. Mulan may not be able to serve tea to a matchmaker's satisfaction, but she can wield a mean sword. Like Mulan, you disregard traditional ideas of gender and embrace your own unique personality.

Ariel's Red Hair

Admit it: You've gone swimming and pulled yourself out of the water pretending to be Ariel at least once. It's OK. We've all done it. I mean, that moment is pretty epic and if you can recreate it in real life more power to you! With that wild red hair, if Ariel is your favorite Disney princess, you're probably the baby of the family and had a lot more freedom growing up than your elder siblings. You're a rebel and not above breaking the rules to get what you want. Just try to be more careful about who you trust, OK?

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