4 Ways To Make Your Own Prom Corsage

There's no denying that prom can be expensive, and even if you don't spring for that pricey designer dress of your dreams, all of the little costs can start to add up. From renting a limo to paying for the perfect up-do, prom can really take a toll on your bank account. It's not huge, but learning how to make a corsage yourself is actually a very realistic prom DIY that can save you a decent chunk of change.

If you're a DIY babe with a bit of creativity, there's no reason why you can't create your own corsage entirely from scratch — and without the hefty florist's bill. Below, you'll find four sets of general guidelines for putting together a floral accessory, but they can all be completely customized in your choice of colors, sizes, and flower types to coordinate with your dress and help you to stand out from the often repetitive crowd at your high school prom.

Whether you prefer shabby-chic lace flowers; classic, romantic roses; or even trendy succulents, these tutorials for making your own prom corsage cover all of the aesthetic bases. They're also incredibly simple to put together, and you don't even have to have any floral arranging experience to make them right in your own bedroom before the big day.

1. Draped Corsage

If you have a flair for all things dramatic, this is the perfect corsage for you. It features extra long, draped layers of ivy and classic roses, and you can even add vintage-inspired pearls and lace ribbon for a rustic look.

Project via The Bijou Bride

2. Succulent Boutonniere

Just about everyone jumped on the succulent train in the past couple of years, and for very good reason: These desert flowers are uniquely beautiful and incredibly easy to care for. This simple tutorial shows you how to create an ethereal succulent boutonniere (and how to wire succulents for a matching corsage), even if you don't have any real floral design skills.

Project via Creature Comforts

3. Classic Floral Wristlet

If you're looking for a traditional floral wrist corsage with no muss and no fuss, this is the tutorial for you. No to devalue your local florist or anything, but we think you've got this one.

Project via Something Pretty

4. Anthropologie-Inspired Wrist Corsage

With its eclectic mix of pastel-hued roses, eucalyptus and just the right amount of wild, messy flair, this unique wrist corsage reminds me of Anthropologie in the form of prom flowers.

Project via Lovely Crafty Home

Images: Courtesy Bloggers