Are Ireland & Angel Still Together?

by Arielle Dachille

Your favorite it-girl couple Ireland Baldwin and Angel Haze have seemingly been lying low these days. For a while, they were tearing it up — championing their love on Instagram, going to award shows, dressing better than you — but then they just stopped calling you. What's up with them? Are Ireland Baldwin and Angel Haze still dating, or should I just give up on true love already?

Well, it's entirely possible they could be on a break. As you may know, Baldwin's dealing with some stuff right now. On Tuesday, Baldwin voluntarily checked herself into a Malibu rehab center to deal with some "emotional trauma." As Baldwin said on Twitter, she felt the need to go through some "intensive therapy" to "rid myself of all the pain I locked away in unreachable places." Hey. We've all gotta take care of ourselves.

Unfortunately, Baldwin's news wasn't met with a whole lot of sensitivity. People were quick to jump to conclusions that "intensive partying" was the rationale for her stay. Others took it upon themselves to play amateur psychologist and blame Baldwin's problems on her "wack-a-doo parents," as one Twitter user did. Baldwin rebutted with the following tweet:

As you might expect, it seems like Haze is being supportive in the midst of Baldwin's ordeal. As Page Six reports, Haze posted a Tumblr message on Tuesday evening in which she seemingly calls out the people who are all up in Baldwin's business. "I don’t understand why people can’t ever keep their mouths shut. It’s enough that someone has to deal with something on such a public platform, before you insert your two meaningless pennies, keep the [bleep] to yourself. I don’t give a [bleep], man," she said, ending the message with, "I love who I love."


But as Page Six has heard from our old friend Sourcey McSourcerton, Baldwin supposedly broke up with Haze right before she checked herself into rehab. It's not uncommon for people to break up with their significant others in such a situation. I've heard it helps a person truly focus on the work they need to do for themselves. Sometimes, such a measure is necessary to confront one's deeper issues. Plus, people can always get back together.

Given the scant amount of verifiable information available, it's possible that the pair has put things on hold for a while. Whether they're on a break, still on, totally off, or somewhere in between, it seems like they have a ride-or-die bond and support each other completely.

Image: Getty Images