Burberry Has Joined Snapchat

Gone are the days when the doodle-based picture app Snapchat was the territory of tipsy fraternity men and scribble-obsessed two-year-olds. Burberry has joined Snapchat, Luxury Daily reports, and the well-established British fashion house is only the latest in an onslaught of luxury brands racing to utilize the app for social marketing, promotions, and general tomfoolery. If you have dutifully ignored the app's rise to popularity over the past several years, the gist is this: users can take a quick pic, add a few words or hand-drawn illustrations, and pass the finished product along to their friends or followers. For such a simple concept, Snapchat has proven more popular than its innovators likely imagined when they first created the programming code.

Perhaps the app's most unlikely audience is the fashion industry, who have taken to snapping away in a manner that belies the designer clothes and serious demeanor insiders may occasionally adopt in the public eye. Burberry's decision to jump on the bandwagon was a bold and decidedly unexpected choice considering the brand's reputation of classicism and tradition, but then again, the company itself has taken a turn for the daring under the watchful eye of Christopher Bailey. In celebration of Burberry's decision to join the 21st century's tech obsession, here are five other brands that should open up a Snapchat account immediately.

1. Giles Deacon


With his eccentric eye for design and fetish for bizarre headgear, it seems that Giles Deacon would be a lively Snapchat contributor, to say the least.

2. Jeremy Scott


No one in the fashion industry possesses quite the outre and sartorially challenging perspective of Jeremy Scott, who has been known to draw inspiration from Barbie, Raggedy Anne, and Space Jam for his eponymous collections, as well as those he designs for Moschino. His Snapchat creations would undoubtedly provide endless entertainment to users.

3. Kanye West x Adidas Originals

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Perhaps if Kanye West had another creative outlet with which to voice his many opinions, there would be fewer insults thrown about during interviews and awards shows.

4. Carolina Herrera

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

The reigning authority of all things elegant and tasteful, Carolina Herrera would be an unexpected addition to the Snapchat team. However, Herrera's cultivated designs would be even more alluring with vintage-inspired captions.



The psychedelic colors and patterns in each MSGM collection are simply begging to be narrated and enhanced by Snapchat's artistic options.

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