We Quizzed The Veronicas & It Was The Cutest

After a hiatus that left many fans clamoring (almost literally) for more, The Veronicas are back with new music. If you're a fan of Jessica and Lisa Origliasso — like the die-hards who attended the band's intimate, yet exuberant debut show at Webster Hall's Marlin Room in New York City, for which Lisa donned a diamond bra and Jessica wore a crisp white shirt with people having sex all over it — you know that the album simply called The Veronicas has been out since September, but after touring their native Australia and stopping a few places in Europe, the Origliasso sisters finally came stateside and stopped by Bustle's Manhattan office to chat about the music, the industry, and of course, each other.

"We just wanted to be heard," says Lisa of the duo's third album. After a series of creative differences over their upcoming music back in 2013, the sisters announced via Facebook that they had split from their label, Warner Brothers Records, writing:

After 5 years of being in a 'Warner Brothers Records Lockdown', we are officially able to move forward RELEASING and Recording music without our past label dictating our creative journey, or withholding our musical releases + touring.

The band has since signed with Sony Music, and from the sound of things, Jessica and Lisa are extremely happy with the new music they've produced.

"We put all of our effort and all of our hearts into creating and channeling all of the things that we’ve been going through in the past few years; and all of that motivation and all of that power pouring into there kept us sane and it kept us safe so we didn’t go into super self destructive mode even though it felt that we didn’t have any control over our careers at the time," says Jessica. "It took a great deal of self reflection, understanding, and confidence to just do that and not just lose the plot."

But it wasn't always so easy. Both sisters acknowledged that they've learned a lot in their years in the industry — especially from the time around the split with their old label — and both sisters insist that self empowerment is the only way to make it work in this tough industry.

"We’ve been there, we’ve been screwed over and we’ve had to learn the hard way," says Lisa. "Don’t dumb yourself down to seem eager, like, 'Oh, I don’t want to cause any stirs, I don’t want to upset anyone.'"

"I think no matter what industry you’re in, look for reality; don’t fall for illusions," adds Jessica. "We want to believe the illusion because it’s nice and that doesn’t mean that record companies are out to get you, it’s that we live in a capitalist culture ... that system exists in everything, so to convince ourselves that we’re not engaging in that, that’s where the setup is."

And it certainly seems like these ladies have gotten a grasp on an industry that sometimes has the ability to swallow unprepared artists right up. Despite their past challenges, they've come to this new album and tour with a fresh perspective, ready for anything, including a ridiculous getting-to-know-you game that I begged them to play at the Bustle offices...

Who Are The Veronicas, Really?

I asked Jessica and Lisa to answer questions about each other as honestly as they could by drawing and/or writing on these handy white notepads. Oh, and we timed them. NBD.

1. What's Her Favorite Song On The New Album?

Both ladies had this one in a heartbeat: "Line of Fire."

They're not wrong.

2. Who's Her Celebrity Crush?

This one took a sec because as Lisa said, "Oh s—t, I've got to be careful what I say." Ultimately, she gave us the brave answer, Royston Langdon from Space Hog, who Jessica (who's a big fan) had just met for the first time before stopping by Bustle.

"Royston Langdon" & "Leo Circa Romeo + Juliet"

And while Leo & Landon were solid bets, both sisters agreed that Charlie Hunnam is "smoking hot." I mean... agreed.

3. What Annoys Her More Than Anything?

Left: "Not Being Heard" Right: "Not getting her way."

I barely had the question out before both sisters were set to writing. (Let it out, guys!) And as two ladies in charge of their own destinies, it's no wonder they feel this way. Here, here, ladies.

4. What Movie Makes Her Cry?

Both: "Titanic"

I'm sensing a Leo-specific theme here...

(For what it's worth Jessica also says that another film made her cry pretty recently: Fed Up, which is a documentary about the sugar epidemic in the U.S. So yeah, they're not just crying over young Leo, OK?)

5. Tell Me Three Things That Describe Your Sister.

And this is where things got mushy with a side of empowering. These ladies are running their career, but that doesn't stop them from appreciating their bond. Which leads me to the last question...

6. Draw Your Best Representation of Your Sister

Get ready to AWW in 3, 2, 1...

“Look, you’re a little person with a big heart," says Jessica. I mean, cut it out with all the cuteness, you two. (Or don't, actually. This warms my cold, cold heart.)

It's clear that after all their challenges in the industry, the one thing that's been maintained throughout is their sisterly bond. And that's certainly something to celebrate as they break back onto the U.S. music scene, doncha think?

Images: Courtesy of The Veronicas; Rosanne Salvatore/Bustle (9)