Kiernan Shipka's Best 'Mad Men' #TBT Pictures

If you follow wonder-teen Kieran Shipka on Instagram, you know a few things to be true. First, it is wholly apparent that she's a far more poised and sophisticated teen than you EVER were. Second, homegirl is an expert bruncher. Third, Kieran Shipka posts the funnest Mad Men throwback photos ever. For realz though.

Honorable mention goes to January Jones, who is pretty skilled at Instagram nostalgia and generally gives no effs. Plus, Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant is a devoted archivist of all the best sartorial moments in the series and the world beyond. Shipka's snaps, however, are particularly exciting, because you get a sense of watching her grow up on screen. Lately, the IRL Sally Draper has been focusing on her #TBT photos, and let me just tell you, her throwback game is STRONG.

There are a few dangerously adorable behind the scenes pictures of Shipka and her on-screen mom, January Jones, and dad, Jon Hamm. She captures some of the iconic moments from the series. Remember little Sally, dry cleaning bag precariously over her face? Or how about when Peggy met the Drapers? Or when Sally and Bobby #3 got a milkshake that one time? GAH!! Life goes so fast!!! Without further ado, here are some of the best Mad Men throwback moments, brought to you by Kieran Shipka's Instagram.

Jon Hamm's Old School Piggy Back Ride

Hey Kiernan, wanna trade lives?

Peggy Greeting The Drapers

Gawww... Everyone's so little!!!

More Fake Dad/Daughter Time

Don Draper = not a perfect father. Jon Hamm = perfect TV father.

Sally & Betty Getting Along

Just January and Kiernan, gal pal-ing around.

Sally With The Laundry Bag

This is one of the first moments that we see Sallz on screen. Remember? She goes to show Betty her asphyxiating "astronaut costume," and Betty warns her... that her laundry better not be all over the place when she goes upstairs. CLASSIC Draper parenting.

Sally, Bobby, & Their Milkshakes

She's all about that TV family.

Uncle Roger Before Sally's Innocence Is Destroyed

Just moments later, Sally walks in on Roger and Marie in an, ahem, compromising position. Memories!