Coffee Is The Hottest Accessory For Spring

What is it about these fashion bloggers taking pictures with their coffee? Are they all caffeine addicts whose wardrobes might malfunction without their daily dose of Joe? While it may be possible, the more I spot fashion gurus posting a pic in their floral print jeans with coffee-in-hand, the more I’m beginning to think this artsy-dubbed beverage is more of an accessory than a necessity.

I’ll put it into perspective: Take the average scarf. It’s an extremely weather-versatile accessory. You've got your bulky, wool-knit infinity scarf that might as well be permanently glued to your neck throughout the frigid winter months, the light shawl or wrap generally used when the sun goes down late in the spring and summer to take away the night’s chill and hide goose bumps, and the cotton scarf to compliment any fall sweater-based ensemble while adding much-needed warmth.

Like scarves, coffee is a season-centric accessory. Your usual order is most likely dependent on the weather, in turn reflecting your outfit of the day. This is not to say on a summer morning you don’t reach for that hot mug of Folgers medium roast, or during the winter you don’t crave a JavaChip Frappachino — we all swim against the stream once in awhile. However, when that summer sun blazes down on your bare skin as you make your merry little way to work, you’re more than likely paying the extra fifty cents to a dollar for the iced version of your usual tall, nonfat mocha latte. And I can guarantee fall mornings would be nothing without the taste of your sweet pumpkin caffeinated beverage of choice.

Sweater weather? Pumpkin Spice latte. Skirt and blazer? Iced coffee. Shorts and a tee? Vanilla Frappachino. The first sign of a change in climate is the switch of a wardrobe. The second? A change in coffee order. The usual is just as temporary as the seasons and we've collected nine fashion bloggers who make sure to pose and post a pic of their stylin' choice of Joe alongside their impeccable outfits.

1. Nicole Alyse

"The time has come," the bloggers said, "for shorts and iced coffee."

2. Christina Caradona

Troprogue blogger looking chic in Chi-Town with shades and espresso.

3. Rumi Neely

Coffee for the Fashion Toast and guest.

4. Krystal Bick

Being a fashionista requires artsy hats and coffee in rounds.

5. Jane Aldridge

The Sea of Shoes blogger requires rock, roll and coffee before a flight.

6. Blair Eadie

I was wondering where Mickey got his energy.

7. Jessica Stein

I was so focused on the fact that this beauty is wearing shorts and sipping hot coffee that I ALMOST missed her cream trench and matching chain bag!

8. Charlotte G.

Stripes and Starbucks for a selfie win.

9. Wendy Nguyen

If I was rocking pink pumps with jean capris, I'd stop in the middle of the street to pose too.