A Surprise Subway Pizza Party? ABSOLUTELY!

New York: they say there’s nowhere like it in the world. You certainly may be thinking the same after watching the below video of a surprise pizza party in the NYC subway put on by the kind pranksters at Improv Everywhere. The only thing that wasn’t real about this event was the purported reason for the party — but let’s be honest, does anyone actually need a reason to eat pizza? (Spoiler alert: the answer is no. No they don’t.)

The commuters boarded the subway as they’ve done hundreds of times before. And as is so frequently the case for any number of reasons, someone began making an announcement ("It's SHOW TIME!"). This charismatic man in a suit accompanied by another strange man with a clipboard addressed the car with official declaration, creating the feeling that he and his pal were, in fact, official members of the MTA. But not so! These tricksters had a ploy up their sleeves. At the next stop, the car was joined by a whole slew of pizzeria uniform-clad improvisation actors who doled out pizza to the train’s riders with the enthusiasm of Robin Hood bestowing stolen gold to the poor.Here’s how they managed to pull this off:

Step 1: The Announcement

“I’m a representation from the Metropolitan Transit Authority,” says the strange man, “and it is my honor to announce that this subway car has been recognized officially as the most courteous car in the entire New York subway system.” Obviously this gets some side eye from riders.

Step 2: Enter the Pizza Handlers

At the next stop, a group of uniformed actors enter the car with a lot of pizza and everyone realizes this is no joke.

Step 3: Feed the Hungry

Your eyes deceive you not, reader. That is 100 percent a tray with condiments for the pizza in question.

If this isn’t the most important reason to rely on public transit for your commute, I don’t know what is.

Images: Improv Everywhere/Youtube