Nicki Minaj May Or May Not Be Engaged

We might have another celebrity engagement on our hands. On Wednesday, Nicki Minaj posted a cryptic tweet making it seem like she's engaged, which leaves me with this question: Is Nicki Minaj engaged to Meek Mill, aka her current boyfriend? Well, there is no official confirmation, but all signs pretty much point to yes if you check out Minaj's tweet. As you can see, there is a diamond ring, a yellow heart, and a single diamond — all emojis. She also captioned it, "I'll post it later," followed by the emoji of tongue sticking out of a mouth.

If that isn't enough of a tease to cause rumors to swirl, Minaj posted the following caption with the photo of a pool in Miami: "I wish every night could feel like last night." Some are assuming this also means Minaj and Mill are now engaged.

To go even further, if you analyze the picture of Minaj and Mill below, you will see what appears to be a huge diamond ring on Minaj's ring finger. Hmm... it definitely seems like the two musicians are taking things to the next level.

Neither Minaj or Mill have posted anything else further confirming the news, but if the two are engaged then a huge congratulations to them on the happy news!

Also, be sure to check back, because we'll be keeping our eyes open for any additional news about the possible engagement.