5 Mint Julep Recipes So Easy You'll Feel Derby-Ready In Minutes With No Silver Cup Required

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Just the phrase "mint julep" alone inspires thoughts of socializing at a Kentucky horse track or lazing about on a front porch in warm weather. This deceivingly fancy drink is actually incredibly easy to make and requires only bourbon, sugar, and mint. With a spirit so easy to mix up, you'll have more time to spruce up your hat and find the perfect seersucker, pastel, and otherwise derby-worthy attire.

North of the Mason-Dixon Line or unable to make it to your local horse track to cheer with your fellow belles? Worry not, because Bustle has partnered with with Maker's Mark to concoct five easy recipes that require no more than five ingredients. These drinks are so easy to make that you'll be running out to grab some fresh mint, stat.

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Photo: Bianca Consunji

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