Guess Who Snapped Up The Apple Watch?

Though mere mortals must wait with bated breath for another nine days before tearing into their very own Apple Watch, a handful of VIP customers are already jumping the line. Case in point, Karl Lagerfeld has officially purchased his own Apple Watch according to the intel of Fashionista (by way of MacRumors), and the design is fittingly luxurious beyond measure.

Posted on Instagram by Lagerfeld's right-hand man Sebastien Jondeau, the timepiece is rendered in pure gold. Jondeau's photo only captures the Apple Watch with Lagerfeld's signature gloved hand, but it seems safe to assume the Chanel creative sported a satisfied half-smile as he admired the accessory's handiwork. Lagerfeld is notorious for his champagne taste and corresponding budget (or lack thereof), but the Apple Watch is perhaps the most innovative accent to grace his wrist in quite some time. However, Lagerfeld is simply the first in what is sure to be a steady stream of celebrities displaying their latest Apple creation. Read on for five other celebrities who will undoubtedly snap one up by month's end.

1. Kim Kardashian


If Kim Kardashian or another member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan doesn't possess an Apple Watch by April 24, I'll be forced to assume the family has lost its taste for flagrant, cutting-edge luxury.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio


Much like his Wolf Of Wall Street character Jorden Belfort, Leonardo DiCaprio appreciates the finer things in life, and the Apple Watch tops the luxury list.

3. Madonna


Based upon her masterful ability to stay on top of trends, it would be appropriate for Madonna to rock an Apple Watch — especially in light of her obsession with all things gilded.

4. George Clooney


Much like Leonardo DiCaprio, George Clooney's name is synonymous with eternal, grandeur-seeking bachelordom even in spite of his recent marriage to Amal Clooney. An Apple Watch is in his future.

5. Beyonce


A self-professed lover of glitter and glamour, Beyonce is the Apple Watch's fashion-forward target consumer in a nutshell.

Image: bentoub/Instagram