Who Is Raul On 'The Messengers'? J.D. Pardo Is Familiar With TV Apocalypses

I hope you’re ready for a new supernatural drama, because The CW is set to premiere a new one on Friday night with The Messengers . J.D. Pardo plays Raul Garcia on the new series, an undercover federal drug agent who becomes an Angel of the Apocalypse after a mysterious event in the desert. But this isn't the first time Pardo has starred in an apocalyptic series. Although he has guest starred on shows like Veronica Mars, 90210, and CSI, his biggest role was in the sci-fi world thanks to NBC's Revolution. The Messengers looks like it could be a hit for CW fans, except for the fact that new episodes air on Friday nights, so get your DVRs ready.

Though they both center on mysterious phenomenon, The Messengers is actually very different from Revolution. In the new series, a giant meteor-type thing comes crashing down to earth, causing Raul and four other people to die and then come back to life with supernatural powers. It looks like Pardo's character is given the power to see the future. In addition to these five protagonists, there is a villainous guy only called "The Man" that they will be up against. Check out the trailer below.

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So did Raul look familiar? Here's why you might recognize Pardo from.


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Pardo’s biggest role to date is Jason Neville on Revolution. On the show, Pardo was part of the Militia that was trying to track down the main character Miles.

American Dreams

Brittany Snow got her big break on American Dreams back in the early 2000s. The show took place in the '60s and was about a high school student who wanted to be on American Bandstand. It was actually a really good show, but was canceled after three seasons. Pardo played Private Carlos Perez for 10 episodes.

The Burning Plain

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Before Josh Hutcherson and Bradley Cooper, J.D. Pardo had an on-screen romance with Jennifer Lawrence in the movie The Burning Plain.

The O.C.

Even though he appeared in three episodes of the hit California teen drama, he never got a name. On IMDb, Pardo is only credited as “Tattooed Guy” or “Tattooed Surfer.”

A Cinderella Story

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I have to mention Pardo’s very minor role in the Chad Michael Murray/Hilary Duff classic A Cinderella Story. Remember when Murray is playing in the final football game and stops playing to run to Duff? Well, he hands his helmet off to Pardo before running off the field, because Duff is obviously more important than any football game.

Image: Ursula Coyote/The CW