Little Girl Loses Her Mind Over Surprise Puppy And 6 Other Times Kids Lost Their Sh*t Over New Pets — VIDEOS

Have you ever been so happy about a gift you've totally flipped it and lost your mind? Think Nintendo kid level of losing your mind. This little girl totally freaked out when her mom surprised her with an adorable little puppy. Unsuspecting, the girl comes home and opens the front door, immediately sensing that something was going on, before seeing the puppy and going into complete meltdown mode. In her defense, it's a really, really damn cute puppy. I remember when my parents surprised me with a "puppy", only it wasn't a puppy so much as it was a 10-year-old dog my grandparents' elderly friends weren't able to care for any more. I was 10 years old as well, and definitely would have preferred a puppy. Which is to say, this little girl is very lucky and clearly knows it.

Throwing herself on the ground and wailing, in what looks like grief but what is actually joy, the girl doesn't stop profusely thanking her mother. The polite little bawler is extremely adorable when she's sobbing in shock, and I only wish that every human could experience a moment so overwhelmingly happy that they become a lump on the floor, beside themselves with tears. And if that moment should involve a puppy, well, then you'd be doubly blessed. Watch this little girl lose it below:

Kyoot on YouTube

Meanwhile, here are some other kids losing it over new pets:

1. This little girl who immediately bursts into tears when the puppy is put in her hands

2. This little girl who can barely even believe the puppy is real

FunnyFuse on YouTube

3. This little babe who is legit scared at first and then CANNOT STOP LAUGHING

4. This little boy who absolutely cannot even with his new Christmas puppy

Mark Carman on YouTube

5. This little girl who is the happiest little girl alive

Soulmatters57 on YouTube

6. This little girl who can't believe her mom is serious about this puppy

80AngelD on YouTube

Photo: YouTube