'The Royals' Fashion Rules The Realm Of Style — So Here Are Some Of The Best Looks, Thus Far

When watching a television show, one of the key elements that keeps me loyal is the regal — thus why I adore the fashion of The Royals. I'm the first to admit that I have an obsession with "royal" style, since kings and queens and all their friends always have the money at their disposal to wear the best and arguably most kitsch ensembles. Whether it's Anne Boleyn's' many rich, gorgeous gowns on The Tudors, or the lavish, stunning costumes for the various queens of Game of Thrones, or Queen Mary and her ladies' embellished bohemian dresses on Reign, fashion made for royalty seems to have a magical draw that keeps me enthralled and fawning during every single episode. So it's no surprise that E!'s new hit series The Royals has equally captured my attention due to its glamorous take on royal fashion.

When you're royalty in The Royals, life is your closet. Whether the members of the royal family are looking prim and proper for a PR stunt, attending an exclusively private masquerade ball, or just getting high in the throne/ballroom of the royal palace (and why wouldn't you?!) they all have one thing in common: They look brilliantly fabulous while doing it.

Scheming, drug use, cheating, drinking, and partying aside, these charmingly British monarchs have a fashion game that is always on point . Oh, to be about that life! As mere peasants, we can only dream of such a world. Even Ophelia (token American commoner) touches on this, when Princess Eleanor pulls out a rack of beautiful couture gowns and tells her to simply "choose one." Ophelia comments, "This is why people hate you," to which the Princess casually replies, "I know."

So put on those gloves, don that tiara, take a hit from your giant, purple bong (or simply swig back that expensively aged wine), and let's take a peak at some of the best fashion looks on this season of The Royals thus far:

1. Princess Eleanor's Rock 'N Royal Dress

Is it brownish mauve, or is it a blueish purple?! This mesmerizing party dress is delightfully playful and magical with the way it glitters and constantly changes colors with the light. What a perfectly appropriate dress for a princess with a taste for wealth, rock 'n roll, and sloppy, party-chic style.

2. The Royal Redheads Are Coming To Dinner

Princess Peneople and Maribel are the Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum of the royal family, and much as their personalities suggest, their fashion sense also tends to be ridiculous. But these two, as out there as they are, manage to do cray cray fashion well. When coming to dine at the royal palace, these two dress up as loudly and as boldly as possible (their fashion attempting to make up for their personalities, perhaps), but still manage to pull it off. When being honest with myself, I have to admit that even I would wear these outfits, er — somewhere.

3. Green With Envy

Unlike her sloppier, edgier daughter, Queen Helena manages to maintain a constant prim, pristine, and put-together look. Although the Queen keeps it classy and conservative, she is never one to be out shined when it comes to fashion. Whilst attending a royal function (some British garden party or other), Helena wears a glorious, fitted dress of teal green lace that hugged her body perfectly. She also donned the traditional British fascinator of the same color, looking quite like the royal peacock she is. Completing the outfit was a simple, yet glamorous diamond necklace.

4. The "I Call Bagsy" Purple Dress

When discussing "who was going to wear what" for the notorious Royal Family Photo, Queen Helena was planning on being the only one to wear purple (the official color of royalty) until her fashion-feuding daughter, Princess Eleanor, stormed in calling "bagsy" in a stunning feather-and-sequin party dress of, that's right — purple. Since "bagsy" is just a British slang word for "dibs," Eleanor happily got her way and wore her glittering, feathery party dress (which suits her rock-and-roll-princess look perfectly) for the Royal Family Photo — leaving Queen Helena to stew silently with rage (and revenge).

5. Ophelia's Masquerade Gown

Thanks to Princess Eleanor, Ophelia was able to pick her favorite "most beautiful dress" for the masquerade ball á la Cinderella from an entire rack of couture gowns. This whimsical, wedding-like fairy princess gown stunned everyone (even Prince Liam) as Ophelia surely looked like a princess herself while she graced the ball in this gorgeous gown.

Images: E!; Twitter/BadassRoyalty, Actually_Alexis, hithereitsamber; Instagram/alexparkfans, queenhelena1