And The Worst Jobs Of 2015 Are...

Have you ever wondered how bad your job really is? If so, you can now compare and contrast your career with others, as CareerCast has released its list of the 10 worst jobs to have in 2015. The job search website released its annual ranking of the best and worst jobs based on their unique methodology, which takes into account the environment of the job, the income and income growth potential, and stress factors. Each section is scored quantitatively and then added together to give the overall score that then determines the rankings. If you find your job on this list, don't fret — CareerCast points out that many types of skill sets and backgrounds can easily translate into many different career paths. If you're wanting to make a career change, they advise that you make a list of your employable skills and research what types of jobs are out there that are looking to hire people with your specific skills. For example, if one of your skills is marketing, you could use that to work for PR firms, advertising agencies, in social media managing, or even strategic communications, making this skill desirable in a variety of fields.

Now, let's see which jobs topped their list of the worst jobs to have this year. To see the complete ranking — including the best jobs — head over to CareerCast.

1. Newspaper Reporter

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With this career experiencing negative growth, and an average income of a measly $36,000, this job topped the list of the worst careers to have. With the massive growth of online publications (like this one!), blogs, and social media, newspapers are starting to become obsolete, hence the shrinking amount of positions. If you work in this capacity and want to make a change, CareerCast points out that many former reporters have found work in public relations that has proven to have more stability and room for growth.

2. Lumberjack

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This job is not only low-paying, but also involves extreme isolation and constantly dangerous working conditions. This work is also becoming outpaced by machines and technology that can get the job done more efficiently for lower costs. If you are working with wood, you might want to get out while you can and consider a position in construction or woodworking.

3. Enlisted Military Personnel

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While we want to acknowledge that anyone serving in the military deserves a lot of respect and admiration, the job involves such a high level of dedication and discipline that it came in at number three. The often high risk of danger also contributes to its ranking, as service men and women are literally putting their lives on the line to serve.

4. Cook

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If you're an amature chef like myself, you might want to consider your dream career in the culinary arts. Being a cook involves a high level of stress, not so great pay, and many long hours on your feet.

5. Broadcaster

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This might seem like a dream job, but finding a full-time position in broadcasting is extremely difficult. In order to break into the industry, CareerCast notes that you need to expect a high-level of stress and to hit a lot of walls. If you want to fulfill your dream of hosting a radio show or television program, perhaps you should start your own YouTube channel of podcast so that you can still hold down your full-time job while building your audience.

6. Photojournalist

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With an average income of only $29,000 and almost stagnant job growth, photojournalism came in at number six on the list. Those in this career are facing the same problem as reporters, as online publications are overtaking print and those publications often hire a specific service or use stock photos over hiring individual photographers.

7. Corrections Officer

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The constant threats of danger and high levels of stress endured by corrections officers make this job one of the worst of 2015. To top it off, these officers also don't receive very high pay, as the average income is just over $39,000.

8. Taxi Driver

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Those who drive taxis have to not only deal with annoying customers and a measly $23,000 annual paycheck, but are now also facing intense competitions from services like Uber.

9. Firefighter

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This is another very honorable career field, but also involves a lot of stress and present danger. For these reasons, this job made the list at number nine.

10. Mail Carrier

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Thanks to the growing popularity of email, online bill paying services, and texting, the amount of snail mail we receive is declining and so are the job prospects of those who deliver it. According to the 2015 Jobs Rated Report, this career field has the worst 10 year outlook of all, with the positions projected to decline by more than 28 percent.

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