Kylie Jenner Looks Just Like Kim K In This Outfit

Am I the only one who thinks Kylie Jenner is slowly turning into Kim Kardashian? Turns out the sisters are not only look similar, but dress similarly as well: Kylie Jenner wore a black mesh dress in her latest Instagram post that looked practically identical to an outfit donned by big sister Kim at the Britt Awards back in February. OK, so maybe Kylie's blue hair still distinguishes her from Kardashian West, but take that element away and we're talking about two nearly identical human beings.

Although Kylie's version was a minidress while Kim's was a jumpsuit, the two outfits had very similar features which include a combination of mesh, cutouts, and a whole lot of sexiness. Jenner is even rocking the same exact hair as Kimmy, styled in a raven-colored bob that hit just above the collarbone. Yet another similarity is seen in the dewy, pale makeup that Jenner sported. She seems to be wearing the exact lipstick shade that Kim wore, which is a pretty pinkish nude. Is it safe to say that Kylie has raided Kim's closet (and makeup drawer)? Hey, If Kim Kardashian was my sister, I'd shop her wardrobe, too.

As E!'s fashion police would say, this is a classic case of "B*tch Stole My Look," but who wore it better this time around? Let's a look.



See the resemblance?

I'm a bigger fan of Kim's look. It reads a bit more goth-chic, which I'm totally into. Both ladies look great, though!