'Once Upon A Time' Spoilers About Cruella's Backstory Have Us Excited For "Sympathy For The De Vil"

The Queens of Darkness have taken over Storybrooke and it's not boding well for the town's usual residents. So far, Emma has learned that her parents might not be as heroic as she thought due to their kidnapping of Maleficent's child, while Hook confronted a shameful act from his past that destroyed Ursula's happy ending. Though fans already know quite a bit about Ursula and Maleficent's backgrounds, the show's third queen of mean has remained a bit of a mystery — at least, until now. We don't know much about Cruella De Vil, sans her love of glamour and clear disregard for animals' rights. But that might change in Sunday's new episode "Sympathy For The De Vil." She may be the last villain to get her origins story, but according to new Once Upon A Time spoilers, Cruella's backstory will involve the author, as revealed in actress Victoria Smurfit's interview with Cosmopolitan, which is a first for Storybrooke's new trio.

As diehard Disney fans know, the Cruella we see on Once Upon A Time isn't the same exact version of the character as we saw in 101 Dalmatians. While the show has used cartoon Cruella as a jumping off point, her backstory will go further than it did in the animated film. Here's what we know about Cruella's upcoming backstory, and what it has to do with the elusive author.

Cruella Was A Flapper Girl

According to Cosmo's interview, Cruella was a 1920s flapper girl in her youth.

Her Story Begins In London

Just like in 101 Dalmatians, this version of Cruella hails from across the pond, which Smurfit revealed to Entertainment Weekly is where she meets the elusive author.

The Author May Have Affected Her Happy Ending

Like all the villains, Cruella is searching for her happy ending. According to Smurfit's Cosmo interview, the Author "holds something quite real and serious over Cruella." There has to be something that she cares about more than fur and diamonds, right?

We'll Have Some Sympathy For Cruella

If it wasn't obvious enough from the title "Sympathy For The De Vil," the episode's official synopsis reveals even more. Apparently, viewers will meet a young Cruella whose "oppressive mother" uses her Dalmatians to torture her poor daughter. Luckily, the Author comes around just in time to "save" Cruella — but considering his shady nature and the fact that Cruella is still searching for him, the Author might do more harm than good for the Queen of Darkness.

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