How To Party Like Princess Leia In A Galaxy Far, Far Away, Because 'Star Wars' Fans Have A Lot To Celebrate

It's a grand day for Star Wars fans, with the yearly Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim being vehemently live streamed, and giving way to the first true trailer for Star Wars: Episode VII— The Force Awakens. Am I psyched to see the return of Han and Chewbacca? Yes. But the one person that's really missing from the trailer (saved for an implied gloved hand) is ultimate intergalactic HBIC, Princess Leia. And that's a damn shame, because when it came to Star Wars celebrations, girl knew how to party.

On paper, Princess Leia perhaps reads as a bit prim and proper — maybe it's all those snow white get-ups she wore, who knows. But the fact is, she was a rebel princess, and not in a "lame slogan on a middle school T-shirt" way. Even when she got captured, everything she does is done with trademark feistiness and stylistic flair. So it's my assumption that someone who can help facilitate a blossoming Rebel Alliance could also plan a hell of a mixer.

So the next time you're arranging another Star Wars viewing party, turn to the princess for guidance. Here's a list of party dos and don'ts, courtesy of the most badass babe in Star Wars (although, truth be told, there's not much competition).

DON'T be bland, send out intriguing invitations!


You COULD do a Facebook e-vite. Mass message your closest 87 friends, 5 of which say yes, 11 maybes, 3 not going, and 68 undecided? OR you could send out robots with personalized holographic messages, insisting that they're your only hope. Together you'll save the galaxy... or wine and cheese night. In short, which do you think will get the bigger draw?


DO make sure to invite some people/fuzzy alien creatures that'll get it started on the dance floor.


You can't have a party of naggy worrywarts (COUGH C3PO COUGH) and wallflowers. Say what you will about Ewoks, but at least they know how to get down.

DO elevate your party style with a memorable statement hairdo.


Like a proto-Shoshanna Shapiro, it's important to note that Princess Leia had fabulous hair game even when she was busy being kept prisoner. Those two cinnamon buns she wears on her heads look both elegant and delicious, and it's the kind of impression you want to leave on your guests. To up your party hair game, take to Pinterest — or a bakery — immediately!

DON'T let anyone make you feel uncomfortable.


Maybe your friend thinks that the party calls for a sexy space slave dress code, or maybe the human slug in the corner is drooling all over you. This is your night, and you are goddamn royalty, so don't feel like you have to put up with any of that. Or, if anything, maybe come up with a secret nod with your friends that'll help you get out of that situation.

DO make out with the cutest guy in the whole galaxy... even if he's a stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herder.


It's a party, you think he's hot, and you're entitled to some fun/bad decision making. Let loose a bit, Princess!

DON'T make out with your brother.


There's lightyears of difference between casually tipsy kissing-a-rougeish-smuggler letting loose, and seven shots of Tequila swapping-spit-with-your-brother letting loose. Just so we're clear.

DO have a fun party gift for all your guests, but DON'T forget your lesser friends.


If your friends are the helpful type that will clean up the fragmented remains of the Death Star AFTER they destroy it, then of course you want them to leave the party with some kind of small reward. This time around, don't forget Chewie, though. He may be furry, but he's still a vital part of the team.

Check the trailer below:

Star Wars on YouTube

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