'Cardcaptor Sakura' Fans Will Love This Collection

Did you happen to read or watch Cardcaptor Sakura growing up? Well then the Cardcaptor Sakura x Sukiyaki capsule collection is for you! I was a pretty big fan of the popular manga — aka, the overzealous sort who went to the Japanese salon near my house and asked them to cut my hair into the main character's signature tendril-y 'do, and I wore the look with pride for upwards of a year. Come Halloween in seventh grade, I asked my mother to painstakingly sew me one of her intricate battle costumes, and my best friend dressed as Sakura's friend/costume designer/videographer Tomoyo, complete with a long black wig and a hand-held video camera. This is all to say, I about died when I saw the popular manga was releasing a capsule collection with Japanese brand Sukiyaki. It's worth noting that this is quite possibly the most adorable collaboration there ever was or ever will be.

The four dresses are all based off of four of Sakura's most iconic looks: Her school uniform, along with three of her chicest battle outfits. They're looser interpretations of the outfits, as more literal ones would be pretty darn ostentatious (especially on adults, which is this collections target demo). It's kind of like cosplay-lite — a strong enough nod to the original source material, but not so ruffle-y and ribbon-y that they would only be wearable at Comic Con. In other words, Sukiyaki and CLAMP (the artists behind Cardcaptor Sakura) struck the perfect balance with these four dresses.

Sakura's School Uniform

Sakura's Pink Bowed Dress

Sakura's Alice Dress

Sakura's Majorette Dress

Which one do you like best? Each dress retails for 14,800 yen, which actually isn't too bad when converted to dollars — it puts the dresses around $125 with the current exchange rate. Will you be purchasing one?

Images: super-groupies