What Does The Real Michael Finkel Look Like? See If He & His 'True Story' Portrayer Jonah Hill Look Similar — PHOTOS

When it comes to biopics and movies based on true stories, it's rare to see an actor who looks exactly like their real-life counterpart. Even though some come close with the help of hair and makeup — like Jennifer Lopez in Selena and Charlize Theron in Monster others are a bit more farfetched. One of the most recent real stories to come to life on the big screen is the appropriately-titled True Story, the disturbing real story about Christian Longo's alleged murders of his wife and three children. The film follows Longo (Franco) as he flees the country after the murders and poses as former New York Times Magazine writer Michael Finkel (Hill), who was reportedly fired for making up a character in a story he wrote. The two meet after Longo is brought back to the U.S. for trial and form an interesting relationship that ultimately is a game of cat and mouse, fueled by the lies Longo tells. The movie is an adaptation of Finkel's book, True Story: Murder, Memoir, Mea Culpa, which focuses on their time together.

No matter how authentic the movie ends up being, it's interesting to see how similar the actors and characters look. So, what does the real Michael Finkel look like, and does he resemble actor Jonah Hill? Maybe a little bit, but it isn't a perfect match. Check out some photos below and judge for yourself, but keep in mind that this movie follows a timeline that starts in 2001 and the picture of Finkel was taken in 2015.

Images: 20th Century Fox