'Anchorman 2' Might Get Second Cut With Completely New Jokes, We're In a Glass Case of Emotion

By the glory of Ron Burgundy, hallelujah! Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues hasn't even come out yet, but director Adam McKay is already saying that we might be in for even more jokes from Burgundy and his ragtag gang of San Diego broadcast journalists. Because Anchorman 2 has enough material for an entirely original second cut.

If you have a memory (like, if you have ears and/or if you've ever found yourself in a glass case of emotion) you'll remember that the first Anchorman was one of the most quotable movies of all time. This was at least partly because of the intense amount of improv that went into it — and which also went into The Legend Continues.

Here's what director Adam McKay had to say about it in an interview with Empire:

We did so much improv on this one that we can literally replace every single joke in the movie and put in alt scenes and alt improv runs. I think it would be really funny to put it in theatres for midnight showings. I know that I personally, if I loved a movie and someone told me that, like if Airplane! had been released with all-new jokes, I'd be like, 'you've got to be f**king kidding me!' I’d see it in a second.

Oh, and there'd also be a bunch of scenes that didn't make it into the original theatrical cut of Anchorman 2:

We shot a whole chunk for it that’s not in the movie where Brian Fantana [Paul Rudd] explained how he called the police and he called the federal government trying to find out if [crack is] legal or not and everyone hung up on him, so he assumes it's legal.

There's literally only one gif that could best fit this moment.

Images: Paramount, Funny or Die