How To Volunteer For Hillary's Campaign In Iowa

Iowans who are ready for Hillary, listen up. Even though Hillary Clinton just announced that she’ll be running for president on Sunday, it’s never too early to get involved in helping a candidate to win, first the primary, and then the general election. Heck, Hillary has already made the trek out to Iowa — and it’s just her first week of official campaigning. While Iowans watched a dozen possible Republican contenders stop by the state, Democratic activists have long been awaiting their first candidate. Well folks, she’s here. And volunteering for Hillary's campaign in Iowa is bound to be one of the more important places to do so.

She’s definitely paying attention to Iowa. So much so in fact, when she declared her candidacy via Twitter, she said that she was “headed to Iowa.” Three Iowans were featured in her campaign announcement video. On Tuesday, she stopped by Kirkwood Community College for an educational roundtable. The next day, she went to Capital City Fruit in Norwalk, Iowa, for a business roundtable.

Hillary’s prioritization of Iowa shows that she realizes just how important the state is, and it’s a safe guess that most Iowans are totally onboard with that impression of their home. After all, Iowa is the first state in the nation to be able to show its support for candidates. Iowa is a chance for candidates to test out their chances with constituents, and also a chance for a certain state’s constituents to make or break a candidate’s chances.

So, Iowans, hopefully no more convincing is necessary. Here are some ways you get jump in and get involved in one of the most important states on the presidential campaign tour.

Go To The Website Hillary For Iowa

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The first step in getting involved is signing up. It takes less than a minute, and after that you’ll be able to get the lowdown on what exactly is going on. The campaign will then contact you about local volunteer opportunities.

Connect With Other Local Political Activists


Along with the Hillary for Iowa website, there is also a Facebook page and a Twitter account. Following these pages will give you a chance to see what others are doing and to chat with them.

Reach Out To Local Field Organizers


If you don’t feel like sitting back and waiting for them to get in touch with you after you register on Hillary’s website, browse through the social media pages and find field organizers who are in your area and are already out there working. They likely can point you to some opportunities for volunteering or make suggestions as to how you can get involved.



While signing up to volunteer through Hillary’s campaign is well and good, that’s not the only way that you can do it. Do some research and look for third parties that are supporting Hillary, but that aren’t necessarily a part of her campaign. Some examples include, the Iowa Democratic Party, or policy-based groups, such as NextGen Climate.

Engage In Conversations


And, of course, the easiest way to get involved, to raise awareness, and to get others interested in the campaign is just to talk. Discuss the issues, discuss the candidates, and discuss why you are voting for Hillary Clinton.

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